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Annalisa Hilliard

Local SEO Strategist & Supernatural Wunderkind

Annalisa HilliardWhen you ask Annalisa where she’s from, she’ll tell you right away – Indiana, Pennsylvania. If you’re confused, don’t worry. She’s used to it. Virtually no one else but actor Jimmy Stewart knows where the small town of Indiana is in the huge state of Pennsylvania, and, sadly, he died in 1997.

So, hailing from the great state of Pennsylvania, Annalisa brings the heart and determination of a champion to the Pole Position Marketing team. (Ever heard of the Pittsburgh Steelers? It’s been rumored that when she bleeds, it’s black and gold!) As most people would, Annalisa got tired of always being surrounded by winning sports teams, so she moved to Ohio, where sports teams are rumored to be under a curse. Except if you are talking about the team that she works with – they are the best anyone could ever hope to play for.

She graduated from Malone University with a degree in communication arts, with an emphasis in public relations and an almost minor in marketing. Notice there isn’t any SEO training in those credentials. But, that will come later.

To help foot the bill for tuition and have some extra money for snacks while in college, she got a job at “the corporate coffee giant.” While there, she slung java and became addicted to caffeine. Thus, her goal became to work her way up the coffee tree. However, two years into management, the tree limb broke from the weight of the great recession and she became the product of corporate downsizing.

After picking up the pieces of her broken heart and watching the bills pile up, she turned what appeared to be defeat into opportunity. It was then that she got a part-time job and started looking at her options. After deciding not to go back to school (those mounting bills), she read a lot, started doing some writing and accepted an internship at Pole Position Marketing. The internship sparked her interest because we told her that she’d get to keep reading and writing a lot. Not confident she was the top candidate for the open position of link specialist, she nevertheless won us over with her determination and charm!

She became the “favorite” un-paid intern and got hooked on the work (or linked, if you will)! It was the perfect fit! She impressed us with her ability to work hard and apply her link-building skills because we offered her a full-time job (with pay!). She gladly accepted.

Today, she is very happy to be doing something she truly loves and enjoys the challenges that come with it. The added bonus is that she gets to work with talented people who keep her on her toes by always encouraging her to get better. She feels she has found her true calling as a link builder and intends to dominate the tiny link-building world! Annalisa also serves as a Communications Chairperson for the Canton Advertising Federation.

In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading, and taking in a good film. She also has a competitive nature that beckons her to participate in endurance challenges. So, keep your eyes peeled. You might run into her while she trains at all hours of the day for her next half-marathon or bicycling century. Her goal is to enter a triathlon or to ride her bike down the West Coast. Go, Annalisa!

Contact Annalisa: | 866-685-3374 Ext. 106