Velocitize your web marketing

Kathy Gray

Social Media Marketing Strategist & The Geek Next Door

Kathy GrayHaving grown up in a cornfield, well, close to one, Kathy hails from the booming metropolis of Grand Rapids, Ohio. Yes, you heard that right, there really is a Grand Rapids, OHIO. She even has the button to prove it. Although a totally shy kid, she was forced to become social by working in the her family’s store, even appearing as a friendly elf in the display window during the holiday season.

Eventually, Kathy left one cornfield for another to pursue a degree in social work at Bowling Green State University. However, much to the chagrin of the parental loan department, she decided to change majors halfway through her junior year to something more upbeat: tourism marketing.

In her first gig out of college as Marketing Manager for a small Convention & Visitors’ Bureau, she discovered she had a knack for web marketing. Later, when she moved to the big city (Canton), she transitioned to the role of Web Content Manager for the Canton/Stark County Convention & Visitors’ Bureau, handling all of their digital marketing. As the official tourism geek for Stark County, she quickly jumped on the marketing opportunities that social media offered. Her social media prowess was quickly noticed, and she began to consult with businesses and speak frequently about how to effectively integrate social media into their overall marketing strategy.

Kathy is happy to now be a focused social media geek and enjoys the challenges that each new business and industry brings to social media. And, that early coursework in social work comes in handy when understanding human behavior on social networks.

When not on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or reading her favorite blogs, Kathy can be found spending time with her husband and wrangling their two young children. She also has a garage sale addiction and can smell a deal a mile away!