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Kevin Nisly

Director of New Client Strategy & Ambassador of Tomfoolery

Kevin NisleyKevin has a tough time keeping a straight face. He doesn’t frown often, either. You could call him the company cut-up, which might just be why “ambassador of tomfoolery” is part of his title.

However, there are several things Kevin takes very seriously: his family, his outreach ministry and our clients.

With more than a decade of sales experience (yes, we know he looks like he must have started at age four), he loves to use his God-given knack for building rapport almost instantly to help potential clients overcome their business hurdles and to ensure that current clients receive everything they expect from Pole Position Marketing and more.

If he tells you, “I want to make your website famous,” please believe him. He’s not “tomfooling” around. With our web marketing team and nearly 150 years of combined industry experience behind him, he knows he (we) can deliver!

Kevin is also Earnest (well, he’s actually Kevin) when it comes to his wife Carol – the high school sweetheart he married at age 18 – and their four beautiful children. They only regret their decision to marry young when it’s close to bedtime and everyone is grumpy.

In addition to coaching his sons’ baseball team, and serving as a committee member for the AultCare Fast Break Breakfast for the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce, Kevin also owns a real estate investment business. And, he and Carol are living out their passion to give through, a non-profit that’s dedicated to the mission of serving people through small, tangible (and usually unexpected) acts and gifts. Simply put, “see a need, fill a need.”

In all seriousness, Kevin is one active guy bent on making a difference in this world! Now you know the real reason why he’s always smiling.

Contact Kevin: | 866-685-3374 Ext. 102