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Maria deGeyter

Office Manager & Team Favorite

Maria deGeyterMaria is the beloved office manager at PPM, happily serving both clients and co-workers alike. She greets everyone with a smile, keeps things running smoothly around the office and beautifies the environment by “decorating” with fancy (non-company approved) sticky notes.

She often says that being an office manager is like being a personal assistant, administrative assistant, mini-accountant (or mini-CFO, as she likes to call it), personal shopper, event planner, receptionist and human resources guru all rolled into one. It can be quite challenging at times, but being made from that hearty Italian stock, Maria can handle it! (Well… sometimes she cries, but doesn’t everyone cry at work?) Regardless of the occasional tears, she’s up for the challenge of whatever comes her way! (Except during tax time, but any time other than that, she’s wonderful, really.) Just look at her title – she’s the “team favorite.” And, hey… we don’t just throw around titles like that here!

On a more personal note, Maria is one of the shortest adult human beings that most other adults (and children) know, so she’s affectionately referred to as “shorty-pie” by those who try to make her feel good about her stature. It’s a cute name, but little do they know, her older sister is only 4’9,” so she’s the “tall” one in the family. No self-esteem boost needed there! So, she walks away… tall.

Maria likes to laugh. Sometimes she laughs and doesn’t stop laughing for quite a while. But, that’s good. Laughing is good. It’s #allgood.

In her time away from the crew, Maria cherishes time with her daughter, her family and her friends. She has a heart for all things creative and artsy and loves to be able to use those gifts to serve in her church through their production outreach ministry. (We’re fairly certain she will paint just about anything that is paintable… That is your official warning!)