Velocitize your web marketing

Max Speed

Stoney’s Alter Ego

Max SpeedIf the Pole Position Marketing team had a muse—and it does—it would be Max Speed. We love Max’s occasionally off-color, usually amusing and always pointed “Maxisms.” (Maybe “Maxims” would be a better word.) Max gives voice to some of the things we think but, bound by professional decorum, aren’t permitted to say. At least, not out loud.

Max is a digital representation of the company’s tagline: Velocitize Your Web Marketing. He puts umph to the effort, octane to the fuel, yin to the yang, and maximizes our performance and your ROI. Max plays multiple roles at PPM, including resident mascot, avatar (the icon, not the movie), Jedi Knight, programmer of the matrix and avatar (the movie, not the icon). He dreams of someday being the 13th Cylon Model.

He was raised in the small town of Eureka, Oregon, spent some years living on the outer rim running from the Alliance and has mastered the Vulcan mind-meld. (Not something you want to experience!) He was once, albeit briefly, declared President Pro Tempore of Isengard. He is a firm believer in spewing pithy wisdom, catchy catchphrases and insightful…um, insights. He can often be heard around the office passing off movie and television quotes as “words of wisdom” and keeps a vast mental treasury of useless knowledge.

Max actually does have some pretty interesting things to say, which is why we keep him around. We hope you enjoy the Maxims (found at the bottom of every page on this site) just as much as we do.