Velocitize your web marketing

Mike Fleming

Analytics, Conversion, PPC Strategist & Employee of Every Month

Mike FlemingMike specializes in PPC, web analytics, and conversion optimization. The employee of every month thing? Well, that’s because at one time in a galaxy far, far away, he was the only in-house employee at Pole Position Marketing after Stoney deGeyter relocated corporate headquarters to Ohio. So, Mike proudly carried the award for months on end. Someone may have taken that distinguished title from him since then, but don’t tell him that. Trust us, he won’t believe you!

He’s helped blaze a new trail of success at Pole Position Marketing for every team member to tread upon. Why? Because he’s on top of the latest strategies in his disciplines to make sure every campaign he manages for clients brings measurable, profit-maximizing value to their company and their website visitors. If that doesn’t happen, everyone will know – including you!

He’s made believers out of businesses that thought web marketing wouldn’t work for them, was not that important, wasn’t that hard, or was already being done correctly. Also, he’s shown businesses how a true understanding of what is happening on their website – and why it is happening – can lead them to new levels of success against their online competition.

On a lighter note, Mike has always been involved in sports and any other sort of competition. Poker, Wii Bowling, ping pong, hot dog eating – it doesn’t matter. Bring it on! But, his favorite competitive thing to do is play basketball. Not only does it give him a not-so needed ego boost, but it also keeps him in shape and looking good. (See what we mean?)

He reads a lot, plays guitar, and writes and records music. Mike is married to a beautiful, sweet, caring, and admirable girl who decided to throw a snowball at a stranger one day – and eventually married him.

Contact Mike: | 866-685-3374 Ext. 105