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Information Architecture Site Maps

Information Architecture
Information architecture site mapping

The information architecture of a website is basically the floor plan of how your site will layout, how your pages and categories will be connected and how your navigation will present the information to your visitors. Having a properly constructed site architecture is crucial to employing an effective site optimization campaign, and ensuring that your site engages visitors on their level providing them their informational needs.

Who needs information architecture?

  • Brand new web sites
  • Sites being re-designed
  • Sites upgrading to a CMS

Build a Better Website the First Time

Our information architecture reports provide your developers with an easy-to-read and understand site map and flow chart they can use to build your site from. By looking at your site as a whole, rather than a collection of pages, we are able to better categorize and group your content into sections, areas and categories that make sense both from a search engine optimization and usability standpoint.

Our IA reports are developed by first performing basic keyword research. This gives us a better understanding of how visitors are searching for information and what information is most important to them. Then we map those keywords to key pages of your site and determine how that information should be reached. From there we are able to identify and map out additional keywords and pages giving us a cohesive site map structure that allows for future site expansion, less clutter and more intuitive navigation.

Using this outline, your developers won’t be guessing their way through the project but instead will have a page of how the site’s navigation and directory structure should be organized to ensure user-friendliness.