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Site Wire Framing

Wire Framing
Page and Site Wire Frames

Web designers are great at developing professional-looking web sites that look good and make everyone happy. But what they often overlook is the visual construction of the site. Now how it looks, but how it lays out. Too often this is left to someone’s preference rather than being built with the visitors in mind.

Site wire framing allows your site pages to be built before they are designed. This doesn’t in any way impede your designer’s ability to create a professional look for you, but instead allows them to build that look upon user-friendly standards. This ensures that the site design not only meets the visibility requirements, but the usability requirements that are needed to ensure that you get maximum conversion rates through your website.

From Page Concept to Page Design

Building a web page is no simple task. You can design a page all day but if the layout isn’t just right you’re going to lose your visitors. What’s important won’t be where it’s needed and what’s needed isn’t shown where it’s important. When we wire frame your site’s main pages we help create a page structure that engages the visitor, displays elements where they are most needed, and helps your visitors navigate through the maze of information.

Our IA reports are developed by first performing basic keyword research. This gives us a better understanding of how visitors are searching for information and what information is most important to them. Then we map those keywords to key pages of your site and determine how that information should be reached. From there we are able to identify and map out additional keywords and pages giving us a cohesive site map structure that allows for future site expansion, less clutter and more intuitive navigation.

Using this outline, your developers won’t be guessing their way through the project but instead will have a page of how the site’s navigation and directory structure should be organized to ensure user-friendliness.