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Unique Value and Branding Report

UVP and Branding Report
Unique value proposition and site branding review.

Developing a strong Unique Value Proposition increases brand awareness and recognition in an increasingly competitive field. Our UVP, Branding & Reputation report furnishes you with industry intelligence and current website standings. We assess the brand strength of your website in three critical areas:

  • UVP: We analyze your website’s unique value compared to other businesses in your industry and uncover new potential areas to go after.
  • Branding: We explore your brand strengths and weaknesses, and how well your site stands against your competition.
  • Reputation: We provide a snapshot of your business’ reputation online and uncovering negative mentions that need to be addressed.

With this report comes pages of actionable recommendations that can be used to substantially improve your online presence. We outline workable strategies for increasing your brand, reach and develop strategies for overcoming any online negativity while capitalizing on positive mentions.

Increase Your Conversions by Targeting the Right Market

Report Includes:
  • UVP Development
  • Competitive Comparison
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Trends and Demographics
  • Audience Temperaments
  • Visitor Personas
  • Branding Effects
  • S.W.O.T Analysis
  • Reputation Management

The UVP / Branding report helps you…

  • Protect your copyrights and identify how, when, and where others online are discussing your company, product, or service
  • Hone in on your target market and get the most return on your investment
  • Address and sell to your visitors temperament type
  • Get trend and demographics to make educated decisions regarding your marketing efforts maximizing return on investment
  • Increase consumer trust and sales with a consistent voice

Based upon extensive research we’ll help you develop a list of the features and benefits of your site from a customers’ perspective. In order to do this, a unique set of personas will be developed to symbolize potential visitors to your site. These personas will identify the needs each of each visitor in order to become a paying customer. Persona development helps identify your site’s strengths and weaknesses. This section of the report is accompanied by a SWOT analysis to determine not only your strengths and weaknesses, but your opportunities and threats as well.

Persona Development

To further the exploration into your UVP, your site will be analyzed to determine the specific areas that need to speak to each of the four visitor temperaments. We’ll tell you the pros and cons for each of these temperaments and exactly what you need to do to speak to each temperament:

  • The Competitive visitor is the hardest to sell and wants to see all their options.
  • The Spontaneous visitor is a follower of trends.
  • The Humanistic visitor wants to know who you are and how you can meet her needs.
  • The Methodical visitor is the one who read everything on a page.

Determine and Secure your Brand

Based upon the targeted search phrases uncovered during the keyword research process, along with an analysis of your website topical focus and offered products, we will identify your primary target market as existing within your keyword scope of influence and overall target market demographics. You’ll get the answers you need to match you site’s focus to the appropriate demographics. You’ll get an extensive exploration into the branding effects of your UVP through a competitive comparison. We help you strategically position and brand your website to establish a competitive angle.

To assist you in managing your digital reputation we’ll provide the information you need to create specialized RSS feeds that automatically search the top search engines for references to your business and we’ll tell you exactly what you should be looking for. As part of your search marketing campaign, we will also be monitoring a variety of sources to ensure the integrity of your digital brand.

Crafting your online reputation is an important part of your online success. Monitoring is an essential part of reputation management. You need to be active in branding your site and crafting your image. We’ll provide a comprehensive report outlining the way to become involved in crafting and maintaining your reputation. This 25+ page report gives you the knowledge you need to be on top of your market now! Contact us today to get a quote for a full UVP & Branding report for your website.