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Website Architecture & Usability

Website Analysis
16 Topics, 400 points covered

This 400+ point website analysis provides you with actionable intelligence that will help you turn your website into a robust marketing tool, achieving top search engine rankings and improved visitor performance. You will receive a full and comprehensive analysis of your website providing you with a blueprint for building an effective marketing strategy that produces measurable increases. You’ll better understand the current state of your website in the search engine marketing landscape and attain crucial knowledge to achieve success in your marketing efforts.

Report Includes:

  • Organic Ranking Analysis
  • Effectiveness Analysis
  • Website Content Analysis
  • Credibility Score
  • Website Value Score
  • Website Accessibility
  • Code Analysis
  • Link Analysis
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Company Branding Score
  • Visual/Aesthetic Score
  • Recommendations
  • Search Engine View
  • Search Engine Snapshot
  • Website Value Score
  • User Experience Score

Comprehensive Website Analysis and Solutions

Our 400+ point website analysis report provides specific and actionable information that will help you understand where your site is and what you need to do to surpass your competition. We’ll analyze your sites keyword usage, search optimization implementation, usability and color friendliness and ecommerce security issues. This report will provide the information you need to begin a well organized and highly effective online marketing campaign.

Architectural / Usability report helps you…

  • Obtain real statistics on current optimization of your site
  • Improve marketability of your product or service
  • Uncover elements of your site that need improvement
  • Take action to improve your site’s return on investment

Our analysis report lets you attain knowledge for success giving you a blueprint for building a highly effective and well organized online marketing campaign. We offer an extremely detailed site analysis report covering all the essential marketing components of your website. Our 400+ point report provides extensive and detailed analysis of your website dissecting critical elements for the success of your online marketing efforts.

Our 400+ Point Site Analysis Strategy

Organic Domain Ranking Analysis:

  • Keyword ranking report for provided keywords on top search engines
  • Keyword Ranking Performance score
  • Our professional conclusions as to your overall keyword performance and areas for improvement

Keyword Targeting Analysis:

  • Analysis of chosen keywords for audience targeting ability
  • Our professional insight on proper keyword targeting
  • Our professional conclusions as to your ability to fine-tune your marketing focus to achieve more targeted leads

Website Content Analysis:

  • Word usage analysis of text in the spider-viewable areas
  • Marketing relevance analysis of home page content
  • Marketing analysis of the overall appeal of your site
  • Browser compatibility analysis
  • Site navigation usability analysis
  • Ecommerce usability analysis (where applicable)
  • Ecommerce security analysis (where applicable)
  • Our professional conclusions and analysis pertaining to how your site complies with professional content standards and areas for improvement

Code Optimization Analysis:

  • Detailed look at your home page Title, Meta Description and Keywords tags
  • Our professional insight on your site’s usage of the above tags
  • Analysis of existing code bloat
  • Analysis of existing coding errors
  • Our professional conclusions regarding compliance with the above elements and recommendations for improvement

Link Analysis:

  • Backlink comparison between your site and three of your competitors
  • Google backlink stats
  • Total backlink stats
  • Google PageRank stats
  • Alexa traffic rating stats
  • Analysis of internal link structure
  • Search engine saturation analysis
  • Our professional conclusions to how your site compares to your competition and suggestions for improvement and competitor domination

Search Engine Snapshot:

  • Detailed view on how your home page appears to the search engines
  • Overall page size analysis
  • Download time analysis
  • Total word count analysis
  • Unique word usage analysis
  • Our professional conclusions on the above stats and recommendations how to improve site for optimal performance
Credibility Score:

  • Referencing to external authorities
  • Up-to-date content
  • Typo and grammatical errors
  • Adherence to W3C standards
  • Credentials and references
  • Accuracy of information

Website Value Score:

  • Usefulness of site as a whole
  • Navigational ease
  • Addresses a specific need
  • Unique approach
  • Logical topical progression
  • Audience focused

User Experience Score:

  • Content Organization
  • Accessibility of content
  • On-Page distractions
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Visually appealing
  • Site Consistency
  • E-commerce Security
Company Branding Score:

  • Descriptive name
  • Conveys purpose
  • Representation of strengths
  • Accessibility of company news
  • Accessibility of industry news
  • Info on company leaders

Visual/Aesthetic Score:

  • Images enhancing content
  • Unique design
  • Content readability
  • Professional appearance
  • Consistent site-wide formatting
  • Excess on-site ads

Website Accessibility Score:

  • Image alt text used appropriately
  • Proper color usage
  • Hyperlink descriptions
  • Compatible with older browsers
  • Viewable in multiple browsers
  • Internal linking

You will receive detailed information and constructive critiques of your website, analyzing how your site currently functions in the search marketing landscape. Each section capped with our professional conclusions with extensive pointers on changes that you can make today. Contact us today to get a quote for a full Website Architecture and usability analysis for your website.