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Gisele Navarro

Gisele Navarro

Gisele Navarro is a Freelance Outreach Manager and Trainer based in Berlin. Gisele spends her days designing and implementing link building campaigns that integrate social, PR, SEO and content.

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Why You Need to Be Flexible to Build Links #linksecrets

handshakeHow many times have you discarded a link prospect after they rejected your link building proposal? Even if your answer is “one,” I believe that’s far too many times. I’ve said it once, and I will say it once again: Dismissing a prospect because they rejected your pitch is bad practice. [tweet this] When approaching a publisher or blogger, always do so with a series of ideas in mind. This means that you won’t be aggressively pushing for one type of link/project; hence you will be open to ideas suggested by the other person. Closing yourself up to a partnership between your client/business and a website equals closing the door to creative opportunities you wouldn’t have thought of by yourself. This approach comes along with a byproduct: You’ll be exercising your creativity A LOT more than when you’re not just focusing on one specific type of link. Once you move away from a monistic approach, the link building ideas will begin to flow in a natural way. Additionally, you could keep a record of those you couldn’t implement as they might be a good starting point for other projects!Continue Reading

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