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Why You Need to Be Inquisitive to Build Links #linksecrets

An inquisitive nature can lead to a better link builder.So I’m not so sure that this is what you would really call a secret. This is about who you are, how you do it, and what can make you a great link builder.

Can people who don’t have it be good link builders? Sure they can! But maybe they aren’t going to make the best link builders.

Should you give up if you haven’t got what I talk about? Hell no—most things in life are attainable with the right attitude. There are always going to be people who are more naturally adept at something, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be learned.

The link building “secret” that I decided to talk about is being inquisitive. Not a tool, not a way of using Followerwonk or search operators that you haven’t seen on a blog before. What makes you figure out new stuff? What puts you ahead of the competition? What helps you get the links that the others in your niche are not? Continue Reading