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The Construction of a Search Engine Friendly Web Page

Make Your Website Friendly Before You OptimizeA while back I wrote about the need to have a search engine friendly website before worrying so much about having a search engine optimized site. I want to expand on that point here and to look at what exactly constitutes a search engine friendly Web page.

Strong URL

Many argue about the value of using keywords in the domain name and whether that will make any difference at all in the ranking algorithms. Whether it’s a lot or a little, I believe the full process of optimization is largely about doing a whole lot of “not much.” SEO is often a series of baby steps that collectively get you closer to the goal.Continue Reading

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Some Ads Are Just Too Hard To Ignore

I pride myself on being pretty blind to online ads. Only once in the last year can I remember actually clicking on an ad of any sort, including PPC ads in search results.

Offline, ads are something to be admired. I enjoy looking at billboard ads, and have been found to take more interest in the marketing materials handed out at NBA games than the games themselves (sorry, just not a big sports fan!) As for commercials, I’m blessed with TiVo so the last time I watched a commercial was… well, actually, a few days ago when I was sick and for the first time in years I actually watched live TV.

I was pretty appalled by what I saw. I don’t know if all commercials were just that bad or if AMC gets the special selection of commercials rejected from the “real” networks.

But let’s get back to online ads. I’m blind to them, mostly, but recently came across some ads that are just absolutely spectacular. So far I’ve only seen these ads on a few sites, but they do a phenomenal job of using up otherwise empty background space.

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How to Fix the Bloated (Tables and HTML) Code that is Jacking Up Your SEO

Yesterday I discussed code bloat by looking at how we can move style sheets and JavaScripts off the page in order to clean the coding up quite a bit. I this third post about cleaning up bloated code I wanted to address Tables and other typical causes of bloated HTML.

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How to Fix the Bloated (CSS and JavaScript) Code that is Jacking Up Your SEO

Last Thursday I started a conversation about how code bloat can effect your site’s performance with the search engines. Today I’m going to map some specific types of code bloat and very briefly, and non-technically, show you you can eliminate the bloat to improve your pages performance for both visitors and search engines.

There are generally four things that cause code bloat:

  • On-page styling
  • On-page JavaScripts
  • Excessive table usage
  • Poor HTML formatting

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