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Why “What’s Next?” Should Be the Purpose of Every Page

webpage purpose

When building or marketing a website I think it’s easy to create content for the sake of having it available. We do our research and know what searchers are searching for, we know what solutions they are looking for, and we know what information they need to feel satisfied.

That helps us create the content for the page. But what is the purpose of the page?

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Why Searcher Intent Should Direct Your Website Content

searcher intentAs content marketing moves into the mainstream of marketing strategies, you’ll find no shortage of articles being written that tells us how to create content that our customers want. In the world of SEO, you’ll hear a lot about topical optimization and how to create content that stays focused on a single topic in order to be “authoritative.”

But those aren’t the only important things to consider when it comes to creating customer-focused content. Having a thoroughly researched topic does make for great content, but when it comes to search and keyword optimization, you need to go one step beyond that. You need your content to match the intent of the searcher.

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The Most Effective Content Optimization Short Cut That Packs a Punch

content optimization tips

A lot of on-page optimization is focused on keywords. When we talk about optimizing pages we are generally talking about merging keyword topics with content to produce a page that is designed to meet the searcher’s needs. But there is more to optimizing content than just adding in keywords. The web marketer should also be concerned about the messaging of the page, and how to get the visitor from where they are now to where you want them to be.

When done right, this process is very time consuming, especially on sites with hundreds of pages. Unless you have deep pockets to invest a lot of man-hours, optimizing all pages of a large site can take months, if not years.

Instead of performing a complete optimization, one page at a time, there is a short cut that you can take that packs a pretty strong punch. The benefit is more immediate results impacting a bigger portion of your site more quickly. It’s not a replacement for detailed on-page optimization, but it’s a way to get things moving in the right direction.

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How to Take the Stress Out of Consistent Blogging

Blog editorial calendar

I see it all the time. A potential client has a blog, the posts are well-written and publishing had been consistent. Until it wasn’t. Now the blog sits lonely and neglected, gathering dust on the shelf of your website.

But it won’t sit quietly. No, it will scream to your site visitors that you don’t care. That you don’t have time, not just to write blog posts, but that you don’t have time to talk to them. Because that’s what your blog really is, a way to speak directly to your customers and educate them, entertain them, connect with them.

So how can you make sure they know you care?

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The 3-3-3 Online Marketing Investment Model


online marketing investment model

Author’s note: It’s election season again, and if political candidates can run for office again and again on the same platforms, then I figured I can dust off my own online marketing investment platform for a whole new set of voters readers. You’ll find this post just as relevant today as it was when originally published in 2012.

I often think about how companies seem to haphazardly invest in online marketing. Some throw all their budget at SEO, leaving no room for PPC. Other businesses put so much money into PPC that they leave little room for social engagement. In 2012, Herman Cain, a quickly forgotten candidate for president presented what he called a 9-9-9 tax plan. Stealing from that theme I have created a 3-3-3 online marketing investment plan that will help you move forward strategically and successfully in your online marketing efforts.

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3-Step Process for Extending the Shelf Life of Your Blog Posts

Extend blog post shelf life

First, the bad news. A recent study by Boost the News shows the shelf life of a typical blog post is a week, a month at best. That’s right, all those posts you slave over for hours upon hours are as good as dead within a month.


Ok, ok, step back from the ledge. There IS good news: It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, Pole Position Marketing has a number of blog posts published several years ago that are still driving significant traffic to our website. One is even inching up on 9 years!

Not every article will stand the test of time, and many (particularly those making an announcement or providing industry news) don’t need to. But considering all the work you put into them, you do want most of your blog posts to have some staying power. You can give them that longevity with this three-step process:

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EVERY Page on Your Website Should Be a Landing Page!

Awesome landing pages

What is a landing page? If you are like most people, you will probably say it’s the page that visitors “land” on when they’ve clicked through an online ad or other link out in the webisphere. But in my latest Search Engine Journal article, I explain that EVERY page on your website should be a landing page. Not only that, but I’ll tell you how to make sure each one is a “freakin’ awesome” landing page.

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How to Create Content That Creates Customers

How to create content

We often talk about content strategy as a way to increase our search engine exposure. Since people love content, search engines do, too. Therefore, we must create content that people like.

We often think of content strategy as putting together ideas and then writing a bunch of blog posts. Unfortunately, that’s only one leg of a three-legged content strategy. To be effective, it must contain all three legs as each fulfills a specific role in the conversion process.

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The Most Vital Part of User Experience Optimization You Probably Forgot About

Content Usability


The best optimization is optimization that is done for visitors. There are so many ways to help make the visitor experience remarkable, but one of the most overlooked is content usability.

One of the arguments naysayers often make against web marketing is that SEOs demand crappy and pointless content. Many SEOs still hold onto the belief that there needs to be a certain amount of content (quality or otherwise) on any given web page in order for it to be valuable to search engines. This is outdated thinking.

Don’t worry about the how much content goes on each page; instead focus on the value of the content. Keep what’s valuable and ditch the rest, but keep writing until you’ve have all the content the visitor will need.

If you’re wondering how much content you need to have on a page, you’re thinking about the wrong thing. Instead, think about what the purpose of the page is and ensure that the content fulfills that purpose. If that can be done in 10 words, then 10 words is all you need.

But it’s not just about the amount of content. It’s also how it’s presented.

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