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There Are Keywords You Don’t Want To Target

Eliminate Ambiguous KeywordsIf you’re of the flock that think keyword research was killed by Hummingbird, I urge you to reconsider. Researching your keywords has never been about finding keywords to cram into a page in order to rank it. It’s about finding keywords that are relevant to your audience and creating definitive content on the topic.

In the beginning stages of keyword research, it’s important to eliminate the extraneous phrases – narrowing it down to the keywords that make sense for your business and those searching for what you offer. In my latest post on Search Engine Journal, These Aren’t The Keywords You’re Looking For, I take a look at fine tuning your keywords in the research process.Continue Reading

Web Marketing Trends to Watch in 2014

trends and direction of web marketing 2014If there is one constant in the web marketing industry, it’s change! There’s no doubt heading into the new year that search engines will tweak the way they rank the web, new social media platforms will surface, and Google will make changes to its products. What’s a web marketer to do? Stay on top of trends and use brains and experience to determine which trends are fads, which ones will stick and where those trends might lead in the future.

As members of the PPM Pit Crew, we’re constantly watching trends throughout the year to make strategic moves for the success of our clients. Here are some of the trends we’ll be watching as we start 2014 in the areas of SEO, content marketing, social media, PPC and analytics.Continue Reading

5 Simple Grammar Mistakes to Avoid Like a Zombie Apocalypse

grammar mistakes to avoid like a zombie apocalypseI was recently schooled on grammar—by a non-editor type at that—in a public setting, in front of other people. How could I, given what I do for a living, make such a careless mistake? What was my shameful offense you’re wondering? Apparently I said, “She could care less,” instead of “She couldn’t care less.” Oh, the horror! My response? Nobody’s perfect.

Of course, that was in everyday conversation, and I hope we all can show a little grace when people make an honest mistake. (But I’ll probably never make that mistake again!) My response should have been, “I write gooder than I speak!” Oh wait. Darn, wrong again.

So that last mistake was hopefully obvious, but it brings me to the point of this post. Even though the internet is a fast-moving place where new content is produced daily, hourly, by the minute, it doesn’t mean we should forget some common rules of grammar and spelling. If you make these grammar errors on your website, it could mean the difference between a site visitor and a converting customer. [tweet this]Continue Reading

Not Every Piece of Web Content Is a Masterpiece—Nor Should It Be

There are two types of writers:

  1. Those who write and produce masterpieces
  2. Those who write to produce masterpieces

The difference between the two is that the first one is a better writer than the second.

Writing to Produce a Masterpiece

Book with Flying PagesThe writer who writes to produce masterpieces probably writes a lot less, and a lot less likely to be happy with the content they produce. There is always a flaw, always something to be edited, tweaked or fixed. Writing to produce masterpieces is paralyzing!

George Lucas is a great example. Most would agree that Star Wars was a masterpiece. But 20 years after the original move was released, George Lucas decided to do some more tweaking and changing to his original classic, producing the crapfest Special Editions, complete with more critters, creatures and unneeded comic relief.

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Final Lap: Good Web Marketing Reads for the Week Ending Oct. 11

A Weekly Review of Web Marketing Articles

Let me start by letting you know that I’m not forgetting about my beloved Star Trek. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched my copy of Into Darkness. But something else has captured my attention this week, and we should all be afraid—very afraid.

Season 4 of The Walking Dead premieres this Sunday! In honor of the return of one of my favorite shows, I decided to try to “dead” myself. Alas, my blasted helmet got in the way! Didn’t anyone think to make sure the visor on this thing flips up? I guess being zombie-fied is out of the question for poor, old Max.

Oh well, I’ll still be tuning in this Sunday, even if some of the other members of the pit crew prefer their TV characters alive rather than dead. (I have it on good authority that Kathy would much rather catch the latest episode of Downton Abbey. Where have I gone wrong?!?) In the meantime, get your fill of some good reads on analytics, link building, SEO, and content marketing.

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The ABC’s of Rapidly Growing Your Online Presence

This guest post was written by Nicholas Cardot from

ABC's of Growing Your Online Presence

Imagine with me for a moment that an individual decides to create a blog on the topic of becoming a complete and utter failure at whatever you attempt in life. After a few months, or perhaps a year, this blog becomes wildly popular. This failure blog has tens of thousands of readers, hundreds of thousands in revenue, and more social media fans and followers than can be counted. Was this blog a raging success or a monumental failure for not accomplishing the very thing it set out to teach?

Although some in the world of art can get away with flinging paint at their canvas in random splotches, working toward success in the world of online business requires a bit more planning and work. Enter the three pillars, or the ABC’s, of online business: amazing content, brilliant design, and commanding influence. These principles provide a sweeping framework that will guide you as you plan and execute your online activities.
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The 5 Ws of Compelling Content

5WsWhat if I told you that you could develop a solid blog writing or web content development schedule just by following five simple steps? Impossible, you say. Or, yeah, right! I promise, it’s true—my college journalism professor told me so.

Even though newspapers in their traditional paper-and-ink format are a dying breed, there’s still a need for information. Perhaps even more so now that local sources of information are becoming scarce. The internet has become most people’s information source of choice, but it won’t help your business if you don’t tell them about it and get them to your website.

How do you do that? With compelling content that ranks well in search, content that prompts sharing on social media and content that promotes conversion on your website. Though this may seem like a tall order, it doesn’t have to be. Ask yourself these five questions to get your content on track.

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Final Lap: Good Reads for the Week Ending Sept. 27

A Weekly Review of Web Marketing Articles

Instead of talking about Star Trek, Star Wars or making some other sci-fi reference this week, I’ve got a few articles of my own to share. Well, they’re not really “my” articles, they’re Stoney’s, but who’s splitting hairs.  If you missed it, take a minute to read his Search Engine Land post, Why My Optimized Landing Pages Trump Your SEO Or PPC Landing Pages Every Time! We just got notification that it was Search Engine Land’s top story in August.

Earlier today, Stoney appeared on GinzaMetric’s FOUND Friday hangout talking about his latest article on Search Engine Land, 4 Ways To Avoid An SEO Disaster Of Monumental Proportions. Take a few minutes to watch the recording of his FOUND Friday chat with Laura Worthington and Erin O’Brien. We’re thinking he needs some art on the walls of his new office for videos like this. What do you think? Maybe a mural of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol?Continue Reading

Final Lap: Good Reads for the Week Ending Sept. 20

A Weekly Review of Web Marketing Articles

You may have noticed we’re posting this a day earlier than usual. I understand that there are some coding updates that need to take place in the far corners of our website. The pit crew needs to get to work on these and sent me an emergency message (via a droid) that this post needed to be expedited. I’m just glad I wasn’t recruited to perform the updates. This is how I feel about getting my hands dirty in coding.

R2D2 gif

Photo credit: Star Wars Daily

That’s why I stick to my free advice and “Maxisms.”

Here’s what the pit crew has been reading this week:Continue Reading

Final Lap: Great Reads for the Week Ending Sept. 13

A Weekly Review of Web Marketing ArticlesSeveral members of the PPM Pit Crew were up in Cleveland earlier this week for SEMCLE+‘s local search event with David Mihm. I bummed a ride and tried to stalk research where William Shatner was staying for his Content Marketing World appearance. I came up empty handed. I went to all of the likely downtown hotels. No one registered under Shatner or Kirk. #fail

If you didn’t get to see Shatner’s keynote at Content Marketing World, Kapost has a great post with three marketing lessons from his presentation. Even if you’re not interested in the marketing lessons (which you should be), the post also includes three fun Capt. Kirk gifs.Continue Reading