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Types of Keywords to Avoid

Keywords to Avoid I understand. You have a reason for going after specific keywords. However, targeting certain types of keywords is a waste of time and effort. Why? They won’t perform as expected. Sure, they might bring traffic to your site, but they likely won’t increase conversions.

But, what types of keywords should you avoid? Find out in my latest post on Search Engine Journal, Lessons in Keyword Stupidity.

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There Are Keywords You Don’t Want To Target

Eliminate Ambiguous KeywordsIf you’re of the flock that think keyword research was killed by Hummingbird, I urge you to reconsider. Researching your keywords has never been about finding keywords to cram into a page in order to rank it. It’s about finding keywords that are relevant to your audience and creating definitive content on the topic.

In the beginning stages of keyword research, it’s important to eliminate the extraneous phrases – narrowing it down to the keywords that make sense for your business and those searching for what you offer. In my latest post on Search Engine Journal, These Aren’t The Keywords You’re Looking For, I take a look at fine tuning your keywords in the research process.Continue Reading

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“It’s All About the Visitors,” Is All But a Big Fat Freaking Lie

fingers crossed

Google talks about focusing your site only on visitors, then requires us to do things that don’t directly benefit them. [tweet]

While the SEO community is busy manipulating websites to outperform more worthy sites to rank in Google, Google has spent the last 15+ years tweaking their algorithm to prevent these dastardly manipulations from corrupting their search results.

At least that’s how some people view the work SEOs perform.

Much of the web marketing community would disagree with my opening statement, as do I, but it persists due to a lot of so-called “SEO” providers out there looking for a quick buck at the expense of their unsuspecting clients. Although that statement does seem to be what Google often thinks of our industry as a whole as well.

Google talks a lot about focusing your site on your visitors and not doing things to the site specifically for search engine rankings. Then they ask require us to do things to our website that neither benefits our visitors, nor benefits the website.Continue Reading

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A Simple Overview of Meta Tags

SEO Meta Tag GuideIt always amazes me at the number of people I come across who equate SEO with “adding keywords to meta tags.” As if SEO is a bag of magic beans that when properly placed, grow your site to a #1 ranking—you know, where the goose that lays the golden eggs lives. I’ve seen that movie, and it’s called a fairy tale for a reason. It’s just not true!

Let’s go ahead and dispense with any magic beans misconceptions about SEO meta tags and clear the air. I’ll make this as short and painless as possible.Continue Reading

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Final Lap: Top Reads for Week Ending Jan. 11

A Weekly Review of Web Marketing Articles

Last week, our mojo-gushing link builder wrote ‘Always Be Reading’: the Link Builder’s Mantra. Funny thing is, we all have this mantra at the office. So, what have we been doing this week (and every week)? Reading, of course. (Oh, and we did some work, too.) Here’s what we gave five stars this week…
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4 Things Marketers Can Learn from Keyword Research

Why do keyword research? Four major benefits to using keywords.Despite erudite analysts who claim that SEO and Elvis are dead, killing the impact of keywords on rankings is pretty tough to do. However, rankings are only part of the bigger keyword and SEO picture (which, of course, doesn’t include Elvis).

In my recent Search Engine Land column, The Keyword Researcher’s Guide To Creating Competitive & Compelling Content, I discuss four things you need to know that keyword research will help you better understand, including:

  • Customer terminology
  • Customer desires
  • Competitive keywords
  • User questions

If reading my inimitable words of wisdom gets you All Shook Up, please Don’t Be Cruel. Fast-paced web marketing often demands an It’s Now or Never mentality. In vying for keywords and customers, you should be Playing for Keeps. (Thanks, Elvis.)

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Good Inbound Marketing Reads (and a Bonus) from the Week of November 26

A Weekly Review of Web Marketing Articles

At Pole Position Marketing, we’re one heck of a smart team. Some of it’s just natural ability. The rest is because we read smart stuff written by other smart people in our industry. Enjoy what we thought was the best of the best this week.
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How to Find Core Keywords For Effective Online Marketing

Core keyword research tipsThere are many angles and avenues for researching keywords for your online marketing efforts. Some people focus on numbers such as search volume or keyword competition. Others might focus on the tools you use to dig up obscure keywords to target. While these may be good keyword metrics to consider, focusing on the keywords themselves should be the most important focus.

You can optimize difficult or easy keywords and high or low search volume phrases, and each will help you reach different levels of success. But choose the wrong keywords and you’ll see your marketing campaigns go a whopping nowhere!
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10 Tools to Tell What’s Hot Today (Right Now Even)!

10 tools for discovering what's hot and newsworthy right nowAre you afraid that you’re missing out on an important event? Concerned that you won’t know what’s being discussed around the water cooler tomorrow? Worried that something is happening in the world right now that you don’t know anything about? Worried that you’re missing out on some very lucrative keyword opportunities?

Worry no more!

Here is a list of 10 tools that will help you stay in the know – from hot keywords that searchers are using on Google to what’s trending on Twitter or Facebook to what’s going viral on YouTube this very moment. These tools will help you stay informed (and potentially fill you with useless information) day by day and even minute by minute. Never get left in the dark again!

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Search Ranking Crash Course, a One-day Web Marketing Seminar

Website rankings dead last? Not getting the website results your business needs? It’s time to get back in the race! Sign up for Pole Position Marketing’s Search Ranking Crash Course, a one-day Web marketing seminar built for speed, intensity and souped-up search engine rankings.

The event, which will include four separate sessions that can be purchased individually or as a full-day package (discount!), will be held:

Friday, April 27
8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Gateway Event & Conference Center
North Canton, Ohio

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