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Ask The Pit Crew: Can I Improve Ranking With This Backlink Technique?

backlink technique question

Members of the Pole Position Marketing pit crew answer your web marketing questions from their unique perspectives, with a “bonus lap” by a guest industry pro. See previous questions or go to our Ask the Pit Crew form to ask one of your own.

Today’s Question:

Today’s question was originally asked in Clarity. I answered it there but am reposting it here with additional feedback. It’s a longer question than normal, so bear with me…

Is it possible to increase my site’s SEO by getting blogs/other websites to provide backlinks to my site? I have a strategy in mind to increase my site’s SEO. Basically I want to position my site on the top few Google results for a particular keyword. Eg: Toys.

If I provide bloggers with unique articles, all related to Toys, and ask them to set the same keywords in addition to providing a backlink to my site, will it be possible for me to increase my site’s authority for the word Toys?

In other words, If I can get 5,000 blog articles to point to my site with the same keywords, can I make it to the top of Google’s search results if a user searches for Toys?
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Link Building Is Only ONE Aspect of Web Marketing

link building's importance

Just a couple years ago link building was a huge part of most web marketing campaigns. In fact, for many web marketers, link building was probably well over half of the total budget and focus.

You don’t see that so much these days, but that doesn’t mean link building is any less valuable. In fact, links continue to be an important part of a successful web marketing campaign.

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5 Reasons Why Links Are Still Important

Why are links important?

why links are important

If you answered B, congratulations! Time for your train station Bollywood dance sequence!



Reminder: Slumdog Millionaire won Best Picture at the Oscars the same year The Dark Knight and WALL•E were eligible.

Links are still one of the most important ranking signals for Google. They always have been. The more relevant and authoritative backlinks you have that point to your site, the more likely you are to rank.

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Guest Blogging: 6-Months After The Fork

Guest Blogging: 6-Months After The Fork

Guest Blogging, Going Strong 6-Months After it “Died”

On January 20th, Matt Cutts posted his famous rant against guest blogging. He’d just received a spammy email from someone asking to write a post for his blog …in exchange for a link.

I guess Matt Cutt’s blog is a bad target for link building. Who knew?

Matt’s response was loud and clear: “Stick a fork in it. Guest blogging is done.” The reaction from the SEO community was immediate. As a tactic, guest blogging fell out of favor instantly.

Or did it? It’s been six months now. Is “guest blogging done” as Matt declared? Let’s take a look at the state of the tactic…

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Final Lap: Winning Web Marketing Reads–May 2014

A Weekly Review of Web Marketing ArticlesIt’s hard to keep up on the latest thought leadership, ideas, trends and news in the web marketing industry, which is why we bring you the Final Lap. Each member of Pole Position Marketing Pit Crew, and the office alter ego, Max Speed, bring you their winning article to help your business.

Topics include SEO, paid search, usability, link building, local search, content marketing, social media and other areas of marketing and business. Plus, you’ll find articles that have earned “honorable mentions” and are also worth a read. Enjoy and feel free to comment with your winning articles. Continue Reading

How to Reach Influencers Through Different Channels #linksecrets

Reach people through channels that are less saturated. Twitter, email, and Facebook are typically saturated, and the chances of getting a response there is very low.

disqus logoHowever, if you follow them in other ways, you can get a response. An example would be their personal blog and their Disqus comments. You can follow someone on Disqus and see all the blog comments they’ve left, and respond to one of them. Continue Reading

How to Find Content Ideas for Guest Post Target Sites #linksecrets

When I get stuck on coming up with target sites, content ideas or both, I sometimes turn to Yasiv. It’s useful for many link building purposes—if you’re working in the e-commerce sector, it shows you what kind of products people are buying along with your product. You can also couple it with other tools to do competitor analysis, pitch products for reviews to relevant sites, or use it to just see how your product is doing in general.

Find links between products purchased together to generate content and target site ideas for links. [tweet this]

Yasiv pulls its data from Amazon, so it’s pretty indicative of what people are buying. I’ll note that it has a few bugs because it’s a rapidly evolving service, but it works nicely for our purposes. Continue Reading

How Sharing What You Know Can Help You Earn Links #linksecrets

telling secretsIt seems that the SEO landscape is really prone to get inundated with “secrets.” The idea behind it is that there is some deeply hidden SEO secret experts use for themselves to earn millions without telling anybody else. Indeed, some of the so-called black hat SEO (for most people, simply called SPAM) truly works like that.

On the other hand, many legit SEO experts believe in the “SEO secret” approach: They try to hide their best techniques to sustain a competitive advantage. You will find a lot of agency-owning types who rarely or never publish techniques or case studies, and they brag instead about the “Fortune 500” clients they have had. They drop some names everybody knows, and then people are convinced they are some high-profile experts. After all, they worked with huge brands, gigantic companies and corporations everybody knows. Continue Reading