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How to Reach Influencers Through Different Channels #linksecrets

Reach people through channels that are less saturated. Twitter, email, and Facebook are typically saturated, and the chances of getting a response there is very low.

disqus logoHowever, if you follow them in other ways, you can get a response. An example would be their personal blog and their Disqus comments. You can follow someone on Disqus and see all the blog comments they’ve left, and respond to one of them.Continue Reading

How to Find Content Ideas for Guest Post Target Sites #linksecrets

When I get stuck on coming up with target sites, content ideas or both, I sometimes turn to Yasiv. It’s useful for many link building purposes—if you’re working in the e-commerce sector, it shows you what kind of products people are buying along with your product. You can also couple it with other tools to do competitor analysis, pitch products for reviews to relevant sites, or use it to just see how your product is doing in general.

Find links between products purchased together to generate content and target site ideas for links. [tweet this]

Yasiv pulls its data from Amazon, so it’s pretty indicative of what people are buying. I’ll note that it has a few bugs because it’s a rapidly evolving service, but it works nicely for our purposes.Continue Reading

How Sharing What You Know Can Help You Earn Links #linksecrets

telling secretsIt seems that the SEO landscape is really prone to get inundated with “secrets.” The idea behind it is that there is some deeply hidden SEO secret experts use for themselves to earn millions without telling anybody else. Indeed, some of the so-called black hat SEO (for most people, simply called SPAM) truly works like that.

On the other hand, many legit SEO experts believe in the “SEO secret” approach: They try to hide their best techniques to sustain a competitive advantage. You will find a lot of agency-owning types who rarely or never publish techniques or case studies, and they brag instead about the “Fortune 500″ clients they have had. They drop some names everybody knows, and then people are convinced they are some high-profile experts. After all, they worked with huge brands, gigantic companies and corporations everybody knows.Continue Reading

How Unlinked Brand Mentions Can Earn Links #linksecrets

use advanced search commands to uncover linksHaving built literally thousands of links over the course of the last five years I’ve seen and built just about all link types under the sun. Time and time again I come back to unlinked brand mentions as my most successful way of obtaining Penguin-proof links. Sure it’s not really a “secret” since many link builders tout this as a great resource, but I feel it’s far undervalued and shouldn’t be glossed over. I highly recommend to our clients that they spend the time to invest in uncovering brand mentions without links.

At minimum set up an alert for any new indexed pages that mention your brand. I’ve used Google Alerts in the past, although not always 100% reliable. Talkwalker is an alternative free option you can use that other experts also suggest. Your brand mentions will be served up to you via e-mail. Click on the link and see if your brand mention is actually linked to your site. It’s not? Ask for it!Continue Reading

How to Capitalize on Misspelled Links to Your Site #linksecrets

capitalize on misspelled linksMany of you have probably noticed that when people are searching for your brand, they have sloppy typing skills and make some embarrassing misspellings. If you’re super forward-thinking, you’ve probably wondered if people are misspelling your brand when they’re linking to you! If you’re a proactive link-hungry PRO, you’ve probably typed a few variations of those misspellings into your favorite backlink tool to see if your hypothesis is correct (go you!).

Misspelled domain link building is certainly no secret. What secret I DO have to share is using a tool from SEOBook that leaves no stone unturned when looking for those misspellings. Yes, you could look at branded terms in Google Analytics, but with the cursed increase in (not provided) data, you might be missing out on other versions of misspellings.Continue Reading

How to Reach Out to Untapped Resources #linksecrets

drawing linksEgobaiting the first link in the supply chain may be an untapped resource. I usually find manufacturers to be an untapped resources for my clients. Search and reach out to the manufacturer of products that you may sell on your site, or that you might be using as part of your services. If they have a list of “approved retailers or vendors,” be on it. But if they don’t, offer them a heartfelt recommendation or testimonial. Give permission for them to use it for their site. Play above board and don’t mention anything about links. Often I found these usually smaller manufacturers are touched, and find the referral or testimonial useful for their onsite marketing. They very well may post it with a link out of their own interest. Maybe help the goodwill along by creating pages on your site as love letters to the manufacturer, especially for those who may not have budged on the recommendation. Give them a heads up, which is more enticement for a link. That connectivity and potential co-occurrence could lead to you actually ranking well for manufacturer brand names in addition to getting a link. I find that companies usually like to promote these on their blogs.Continue Reading

How to Get Quality Natural Links with Creative Content #linksecrets

BacklinksA month ago, I decided to conduct a survey on the favorite SEO browser plugins of prominent SEO experts around the globe. Obviously, I started reaching out SEO experts to share their favorites. The outcome of the survey could be seen here.

I got an overwhelming response with 101-plus experts responding to the survey, and the resulting blog post shaped up to be a useful resource to all involved in the industry, garnering several shares on various social media channels. The huge response that we got was evident from the massive organic traffic and some quality referrals that we are continuously getting now on our site.

In this post, I’ll explore why creating useful content really can help you quickly gain quality, natural links to your site.Continue Reading

How to Think Outside the Box to Build Links #linksecrets

think outside the boxMy real link building secret is nothing but approach. I know this sounds a bit obscure, so I’m going to add a few details to help you better understand what I mean. In particular, I want to introduce you to the concept of lateral thinking. You’ve probably already heard about it, but if you haven’t, “lateral thinking” is a term coined in 1967 by Edward De Bono, that theorizes a different way of thinking: lateral, opposed to the vertical (logical) one. In very simple words, lateral thinking is a more precise definition of what we usually call, “thinking outside the box.

I’ve been more and more interested in the theme, and recently I’ve started reading about it while going to my workplace by metro.

But I know this introduction doesn’t satisfy you. OK, lateral thinking is cool, but remains something vague and not actionable.Continue Reading

Q: How Many Links Should you Build in 2014? A: All of Them

but link building is hardGo find whoever told you that link building is dead in 2014 and slap them in the face. Seriously, I mean it! There is still value in building meaningful, high-quality links to your website.

Google’s recent penalties against crappy links is a good thing, it makes good link building more valuable. What’s an easy way to tell if a link is high quality? If it’s easy to get, most likely it’s crap. Building quality links has always been hard and nothing has changed that.

In my recent article on Search Engine Journal, I share what five things to look at to tell the quality of a link and why social links matter. You can always find some fun, out-of-the-box ways to go about link building, and find some unique linking opportunities to take advantage of. The bottom line is whether you’re getting a link on blog or website or being shared on social media, your content better be something that is worthy of being linked to.

How many links should you try to build for your website in 2014? All of them.

How to Target Bloggers for Effective Link Building #linksecrets

target bloggersWe all want links from authority websites, but if you’re looking for some quicker wins, you should focus your attention on websites and blogs that are down quite a few tiers.

When you pitch a popular blog, you have a lot of factors working against you:

  • They get pitched a lot so yours might not be read or stand out enough
  • They probably monetize their site and might want compensation
  • Their threshold for great content worth sharing/linking might be higher

Instead, focus on doing some outreach toward sites with a DA in the 15-25 range. You will often get more frequent, positive responses that are receptive to your pitch. Here’s why:Continue Reading