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Let it Go: How to Make Web Marketing Successful (Despite Your Best Efforts)

make web marketing successfulHave you ever wondered why the axiom “opposites attract” is so frequently true? I have. I think it all boils down to one thing: Each party brings strength in the areas where the other party is weak.

While that all sounds like it would work great, it doesn’t always make things easy. Mostly because it’s that opposite nature can create opposition in wants, desires and needs. One party doesn’t see the strength of the other or, for that matter, their own weakness. It’s that failure that produces conflict.

This dynamic just as obvious in web marketing as it is in personal relationships.

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Good Digital Marketing Goals Gone Bad: When It’s Time to Change Course

when to change digital marketing goals

You may have heard this analogy before, but bear with me for a minute. If an airplane takes off and is only one degree off in it’s calculations, it may (or may not) make a world of difference to the passengers. The shorter the distance from takeoff to landing means the easier it is to compensate for the error. But when the takeoff and landing are thousands of miles a part, a single degree can put you thousands of miles off course.

And so it is with web marketing.

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Good Web Marketing Requires Good Listening

Listening in web marketing

The role of a web marketer often entails telling the client what they believe needs to be done in order for the site to succeed online. But before an SEO campaign can even begin, there is a good amount of “listening” that needs to happen.

Before starting any web marketing campaign, we ask our clients a series of questions designed to help us get a better understanding of the client’s needs, wants and desires. This is used to help us set the strategy in a way that serves the client’s best interest.

For the most part, clients have a pretty good idea of what they want, but they don’t usually know the best way to achieve their goals. This is where the listening goes both ways.

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How and Why to Get Organized Before A Development or Marketing Project

project preparation

When starting out on a new web development or marketing project, what are some of the most important things you need to get started? Is it the designs? The idea? While these are great components to have and are certainly necessary, these are not the most vital parts to have to ensure your project runs smoothly and is a success.

Most people don’t think about this much, as it isn’t as obvious at first, but organization is the most important factor in a web development or marketing project. These projects require lots of precise coordination across different technical disciplines split between different companies to make it all come together and work as intended. This is no easy task to achieve, but it is doable.

Organization is the backbone of every successful project , so let’s give you some pointers on what areas to really focus on organizing before approaching a company to take on your web development or marketing project.

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The Easiest Book You’ll Ever Write

How to write a business book

Not everyone aspires to be an author, but in a world where every business is (or should be) a publisher, it makes sense to consider writing a book as a means to establish your authority and draw in new business. But before you get all tweaked just thinking about coming up with an idea, creating a pitch and shopping it around to publishers, lets look at a few shortcuts to make this the easiest process ever.

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SEO Is Only A Sliver of the Web Marketing Pie


web marketing components

Success is never achieved by half-assing it. And web marketing is no different. Without putting too fine of a point on it, successful web marketing requires the whole ass.

Most businesses venturing out into web marketing have a general idea of what they want: a stronger web presences. There are a lot of components that go into making your web marketing campaign successful, and they all work together.

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Stoney’s deGeyter Greatest Hits: Top Blog Posts of 2015


Stoney deGeyter's Top Blog Posts of 2015

2015 was quite a year. It was the year of the Mobilegeddon . . .that wasn’t (but that doesn’t mean it’s not still coming). It was the year of Periscope and Blab (sorry Meerkat). And for us at Pole Position Marketing, it marked our 17th year of helping companies “velocitize” their web presence. In addition to our standard services, one of the major ways we do that is through our blog. Publishing every week day, we posted more than 250 posts which were shared over 19,000 times. Thanks to all who read, liked and shared our content. We are striving to make our blog even more valuable for you in 2016.

But first, let’s take a look back on the posts I wrote that you liked the best, based on the amount of social media shares we received from them.
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