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Hello, Your Web Marketing Sucks (But I Still Love You, Adele)

marketing lessons from AdeleI try not to be a bandwagon fan. My music collection features people the majority of you have never heard of (currently obsessed with Diane Birch). But at the same time, I’m not a music snob who sticks her nose up at something just because it’s popular. I even have Taylor Swift’s 1989 album in my rotation to prove it.

I am, however, a web marketing snob. And although I love, love, love Adele and her insanely popular new album 25, I have to say, in general, her web marketing sucks. Not that it matters much in her case. I doubt it’s going to cost her any record or ticket sales. But for the average business, it does matter. Big time.

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Why Your Digital Marketing Team Needs to Be Both Deep and Wide


Building a digital marketing team 2

I read a post just the other day about whether a web marketing team should be wide or deep: Wide being the jack of all trades, master of none, and deep being where each strategist is a master at the one thing but useless when it comes to everything else.

My thought on that is you need to build a deep team that has an understanding of the wide. Someone who only knows social media is good so long as social media is the only thing required. But when other areas of web marketing come into play (say content or analytics), the social strategist must have enough knowledge to be able to work seamlessly with the other strategists. And those strategists need to have enough knowledge to do the same with the social team.

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How to Avoid Making Knee-Jerk Digital Marketing Decisions

Avoid knee-jerk digital marketing decisions

There always seems to be some kind of mild panic every time Google rolls out a new algorithm update. Either web marketers are praying that they don’t lose their rankings or praying that they move up in the search results. However, sites that have been properly optimized should see little movement in search results due to any sort of algorithm update.

Many SEOs spend their time reacting to algorithm changes rather than having carefully considered their actions in the first place. The sites most impacted from algorithm changes suffer because of web marketing decisions being made out of short-term considerations.

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10 Common Life Principles to Apply to Your Digital Marketing

Life lessons

If you’re old enough to be reading this, you’ve undoubtedly heard most of the the nuggets of life wisdom I impart in my latest SEMPost article. But you probably have never heard them applied to web marketing. This article illustrates how you can take insights from everyday life to inform and improve your marketing efforts.

Do you have any to add? Let me know in the comments!

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5 Points of Focus to Beef Up Your Web Marketing

online marketing contender

Online, everything is a competition. If your website isn’t healthy enough to compete, you lose.

But your site can be a contender. Maybe even win the race. But like any good competition, you have to train for it.

In my latest Marketing Land article, I tell you how, outlining a 5-point training regimen you’ll want to follow to make your website a true contender.

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How Clients Can Deal With Their Marketer’s Knowledge Gap

web marketer knowledge

Throughout my career in web marketing, it has always amazed me when clients get upset when some new revelation comes to light that forces the web marketing campaign into a new direction. It’s almost as if the clients expect the web marketer to know everything there is to know about a website before they even begin.

But even the best web marketers need help, and no matter how many questions they ask, there will always be some important bit of information that is yet to be discovered.

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5 Things to Focus on For Championship-Level Web Marketing


Championship level web marketing

Not all keywords are created equal. You can rank #1 for a keyword, but if it’s one that doesn’t get many searches, what good is that? It’s like getting a participation trophy. You want the championship, not a worthless consolation prize.

To get that championship, I believe there are five areas you need to focus on. Read my latest Search Engine Journal article to find out what they are.

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Web Marketing Do’s and Don’ts: A Beginner’s Guide

beginners guide to web marketing

Many online marketing newbies read blogs such as this looking for some quick and easy solutions that will vault them to the top in the search results. Unfortunately, SEO is just as much art as it is science, which means that the same factors on one site will produce different results on another. And as much as we can follow common procedures and strategies that we know work, we really don’t know how well they will work for any given site.

And nothing you can do will guarantee top search engine rankings. If there was anything that did, it would quickly become obsolete because everybody would be doing it.

True SEO is less about following rules than it is about following a set of guidelines that are interpreted and implemented for the specific needs of the particular site. And most of that is fluid based on the needs of the audience. But even within that fluidity, there are some basic dos and don’ts that need to be adhered to:

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Let it Go: How to Make Web Marketing Successful (Despite Your Best Efforts)

make web marketing successfulHave you ever wondered why the axiom “opposites attract” is so frequently true? I have. I think it all boils down to one thing: Each party brings strength in the areas where the other party is weak.

While that all sounds like it would work great, it doesn’t always make things easy. Mostly because it’s that opposite nature can create opposition in wants, desires and needs. One party doesn’t see the strength of the other or, for that matter, their own weakness. It’s that failure that produces conflict.

This dynamic just as obvious in web marketing as it is in personal relationships.

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Good Digital Marketing Goals Gone Bad: When It’s Time to Change Course

when to change digital marketing goals

You may have heard this analogy before, but bear with me for a minute. If an airplane takes off and is only one degree off in it’s calculations, it may (or may not) make a world of difference to the passengers. The shorter the distance from takeoff to landing means the easier it is to compensate for the error. But when the takeoff and landing are thousands of miles a part, a single degree can put you thousands of miles off course.

And so it is with web marketing.

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