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Those Who Don’t Learn SEO are Doomed to Repeat It

Pete and Repete were walking on a bridge. Pete fell off. Who’s left?

Repete? Ok, Pete and Repete were walking on a bridge. Pete fell off. Who’s left?

Repete? How about we just move on…

In marketing, when something works it gets repeated and repeated again and again. Never letting a good campaign go to waste, imitators will jump on board and drive it into the ground until it’s no longer effective.

We’ve seen this with the Got Milk? campaigns. It wasn’t long before we started seeing imitators touting got sand, got rice, got mold, got Jesus and even got poop! (Like, who doesn’t?)

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Search Ranking Crash Course, a One-day Web Marketing Seminar

Website rankings dead last? Not getting the website results your business needs? It’s time to get back in the race! Sign up for Pole Position Marketing’s Search Ranking Crash Course, a one-day Web marketing seminar built for speed, intensity and souped-up search engine rankings.

The event, which will include four separate sessions that can be purchased individually or as a full-day package (discount!), will be held:

Friday, April 27
8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Gateway Event & Conference Center
North Canton, Ohio

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The Right Message May Not Be So Right for Your Audience

The number one key to your business growth is crafting a message that speaks to your audience. Having the right message builds up your strengths and helps you overcome any deficiencies you might have.Online Marketing Messages and Channels

McDonald’s doesn’t make the best hamburgers in the world, but they do have a great bit of messaging that speaks to their target audience. It’s that message, not the hamburgers, that makes Micky D’s the number one fast food restaurant in America.

While substance is important in order to have a great message, the message itself helps establish the perception of your substance. Much to my chagrin, my kids would rather go to McDonald’s over Burger King or Wendy’s. They don’t love the food as much as the box the food comes in, and not even close to as much as that toy inside the box.

McDonald’s has the right message for my kids. But I’m the wrong audience for that message, though I’m a sucker at giving my kids a fast-food treat of their choice! So, McDonald’s has a different message for me. Primarily, it’s a message to give my kids a fast-food treat of their choice!Continue Reading

Where to Begin with SEO? Start Here!

The Basics of SEOEngaging in proper site SEO isn’t about pulling out a checklist that you can run through in a month, check them all off and say all done! A good optimization strategy consists of a variety of moving parts. Check one issue off your task list today and two more problems show up on your radar. Good SEO is kind of like an engine: There are many working parts, any of which can (and should) be improved, repaired or replaced to boost your vehicle’s performance. The more your engine is used, the more work there is to do to keep the engine in top shape.

With that said, there are some basic components of every SEO campaign (not to mention a really big checklist) that form the foundation of a successful campaign. Anyone who’s been around SEO for any length of time already knows these “basics,” but they bear repeating for anyone who is unfamiliar as to where to begin with their SEO effort:Continue Reading

How to Use Customer Personalities to Write Effective SEO Content

Writing Better for the WebIn my last post I discussed using personas to create content that targets your potential customer. In that post I defined the differences between personalities and personas:

Persona = motivation (what the visitor needs, why they are on your site)
Personality = temperament (how they navigate, what they need to see or read to find what they want)

Using both personalities and personas is important when writing great content that is both user- and search-engine friendly.Continue Reading

Perception is Worth 1,001 Words

Your business practices affect people's perceptions of youIn the world of business, marketing and advertising is everything. Marketing is at least as important as the products or services you sell. Without marketing, you have no one to demonstrate the superiority of what you offer!

There is a reason people build businesses in cities surrounded by people, rather than in a desert surrounded by cactus! You need people to market to, and you need customers coming in your door. The success of your business relies on how well you market your product or service first, and second by how well you deliver it. Very few businesses survive on word of mouth alone. But what many small business owners fail to realize is that while marketing is everything, everything you do is marketing!Continue Reading

How Much Are You Paying to Send Customers Away?

Is your Internet marketing campaign sending customers away?Engaging in online marketing is all about customer acquisition, ROI and profits. If you see growth in these three areas, you can be reasonably confident that your online marketing efforts are paying off in some form or another.

But things might not always be as they appear. While it’s never a bad thing to grow in profits, ROI or a growing customer base, you may actually be paying good money to lose great customers.
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Are You Held Accountable for Your Website Decisions?

For far too long our online efforts have accurately been classified as faith-based initiatives…that’s exactly how we made decisions for our offline efforts, and when we moved online, we duplicated those practices.  But online, in the glorious beautiful world of the Web, we do not have to rely on faithyou have a God-given right to be data-driven…to understand the impact and economic value of your website by doing rigorous outcomes analysis…web analytics is like Angelina Jolie; sexy, powerful, and a force for good.

-Avinash Kaushik (@avinash), Web Analytics 2.0


Highest Paid vs. Data

In a typical business, the highest paid person’s opinion usually wins.  This does not mean that their opinion is always the most informed though.  It’s just the most powerful.  The problem is that it is also the least accountable.  But, in the world of the Web, there’s a new sheriff in town.  Data.  This is because data (when used correctly) can provide accountability for decisions made.Continue Reading

Put Your Business in its Place or Your Marketing Campaign Will

Marketing Your Online BusinessOver the past 15 years starting a new business has become easier than ever before. The daily dread of horrible bosses, annoying red tape and ringing alarm clocks that force you out of bed before God gets up is forever behind you as you make that long-awaited jump to start your own online business. Your dream of financial freedom and peddling your own wares is almost as easy as point and click.

Almost. I might have left out a few details.

While the ease of starting a business online is great for life, liberty and the pursuit of sticking it to the man, it can also have its drawbacks. Just like starting a 100 mile sprint may be easy, finishing is another thing altogether. Every business must still follow basic business principles of success in order to attain a long and profitable life.

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Marketing Q&A: What’s the difference between link building and social media?

Web marketing questions about SEO, PPC, link building, social media, content marketing

If social media is the darling Cinderella of the current marketing world, then link building might be the u___ (unrecognized?) stepsister. When I describe link building and its important role in creating a company’s Web presence (see SEOmoz’s What is Link Building? for a definition/details), most people furrow their brows and say, “Sounds like you’re talking about social media.” (Cinderella gets all the glory!)

So, we’d like to end, once and for all, this unnecessary cause of forehead wrinkles by tackling the FAQ: What’s the difference between link building and social media?
Stoney (@StoneyD): Link building and social media have a lot in common and, in many cases, share similar goals. I would say that pure link building is a sub-set of SEO. The goal is to get keyword rich links on external sites pointing to your keyword-optimized pages. There are a lot of link-building methods, several of which cross over into social media: building relationships, creating great, linkable content and broadcasting it to bring eyes (and links) to that content.

Social media is an outlet for link building, but it also has its own goals, one of which can be getting valuable links. But social media has concerns far greater than just getting links, and any social strategy that doesn’t look beyond links is bound to fail.Continue Reading