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Why You Can’t Half @ss Web Marketing

Web Marketing Requires the Whole Ass

So you’re “doing SEO” now. That’s great, really. But if by “doing SEO” you mean that you are doing basic on-page optimization, such as adding some keywords here and there, I think you are going to be sadly disappointed in the results! Once upon a time in a marketing world far, far away, that may have been good enough to get you decent search engine rankings. Today, focusing only on traditional SEO is, quite frankly, half-assing it. As I like to say, if you are going to succeed in web marketing, you need the WHOLE ass. Find out exactly what that means in my latest LinkedIn article.

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Internet Marketing Not Working? Maybe You’re Not Investing Enough.

If your internet marketing isn't working, it may be time to invest more.

When something’s not working, whether it be a web marketing campaign or a weight loss program, people are generally pretty quick to pull the plug. But just like losing weight, it’s easy to give up too soon, and often the problem isn’t the program itself but the amount of effort someone is putting into it.

The same is true of your Internet marketing campaign. If you give it a tiny budget, you will see tiny, slow results. In my latest SEMPost article, I explain why, instead of pulling the plug, you should open the floodgates on your internet marketing efforts.

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Web Marketing Isn’t One Thing; It’s Every Thing


Web marketing disciplines

There are a lot of sub-sets under the big umbrella of web marketing. You have social media marketing, content strategy, conversion optimization, website design and targeted keyword optimization, to name a few. Each of these can offer a substantial–albeit limited–value on their own. But where all of these things really shine is when they work together as part of a single web marketing campaign.

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Book Review: The Unexpected

Book review The Unexpected

Not to get all religious on you, but The Unexpected was a life-changing book for me. Well, maybe not life-changing, but definitely business-changing. I read this on the heels of Badass, and combined, they were like a one-two punch to the head. Together, these books will change your entire thinking and perspective on customer service.

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Mine Your Own Mind – The Podcast


Content podcast

A couple of weeks ago, Marketing Land published an article I wrote about making your old content new again called “12 Ways to Mine Your Own Mind for Content Ideas.”  I was asked to discuss the article with Mark Tennant on his podcast A Slice a Day, a daily broadcast that discusses content marketing. Check out the podcast, and please read the article, if you haven’t already. I would love to read any of your thoughts regarding rebooting old content, so please comment below!

Your Prescription for Web Marketing Health, Wellness and Long Life

Prescription for web marketing health


Just as with your physical health, good web marketing health doesn’t happen by accident. Sure, you can get by on junk food and no exercise, but if you do that for so long, you eventually will encounter serious health issues. The same is true of your web presence. If you don’t maintain the health of your web marketing and take the recommendations of the experts, you will find your business suffering over time. Don’t let that happen to you. In my latest SEMRush article, I’ll give you the information you need to live a long, healthy online life.

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