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How Giving Away Free Stuff Online (and everywhere else) Can Work

There are many cultural forces built into every society that has ever existed on the planet.  Some are stronger in certain societies than others.  One of them is called the rule of reciprocity.  It says that a person (or group) should try to repay what another person has provided.  More simply put, if someone does something for you, you have a natural tendency to want to do something for them. 
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Always Be Reading: the Link Builder’s Mantra

Salesman live by the mantra ABC (Always Be Closing), thanks in part to the movie, Glengarry Glen Ross.

I recently read a post, Evolving Sales from ‘Always Be Closing’ to ‘Always Be Helping,’ written by Aaron Aders. In the post Aaron proposes salesman and marketers  should take the approach of being helpful in order to gain new clients, and to instill trust in existing ones. I wholeheartedly agree with his premise.

In fact, I felt the need to create a mantra for Link Builders (or whatever we’re calling it these days), because everyone needs their own mystical formula that inspires them to new levels of achievement. Right, Elves?
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True Professions of an Inbound Marketer

A few years ago, I went ahead and got myself a nice liberal arts education.  You know, the kind that’s supposed to “prepare you for the real world” by affording you the opportunity to take courses in communications, science, budgeting, psychology, etc.  I must say that it’s a good thing too, considering I landed in the profession that I did.  I was recently working on something and feeling a bit “stretched” out of my comfort zone when I realized just how many hats inbound marketers are called to wear throughout the daily trappings of their careers.

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Keep Your Online Marketing Budget Accountable

There seems to be a new online trend.  Businesses are jumping into online campaigns and throwing money at different marketing channels because “it’s the thing to do.”  They set a fixed marketing budget aside for the year and that’s it.  It’s in stone until we talk about it again next year.  A big reason for this kind of practice is that these companies don’t actually know what kind of return they’re getting on their investment. 

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Those Who Don’t Learn SEO are Doomed to Repeat It

Pete and Repete were walking on a bridge. Pete fell off. Who’s left?

Repete? Ok, Pete and Repete were walking on a bridge. Pete fell off. Who’s left?

Repete? How about we just move on…

In marketing, when something works it gets repeated and repeated again and again. Never letting a good campaign go to waste, imitators will jump on board and drive it into the ground until it’s no longer effective.

We’ve seen this with the Got Milk? campaigns. It wasn’t long before we started seeing imitators touting got sand, got rice, got mold, got Jesus and even got poop! (Like, who doesn’t?)

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Search Ranking Crash Course, a One-day Web Marketing Seminar

Website rankings dead last? Not getting the website results your business needs? It’s time to get back in the race! Sign up for Pole Position Marketing’s Search Ranking Crash Course, a one-day Web marketing seminar built for speed, intensity and souped-up search engine rankings.

The event, which will include four separate sessions that can be purchased individually or as a full-day package (discount!), will be held:

Friday, April 27
8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Gateway Event & Conference Center
North Canton, Ohio

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The Right Message May Not Be So Right for Your Audience

The number one key to your business growth is crafting a message that speaks to your audience. Having the right message builds up your strengths and helps you overcome any deficiencies you might have.Online Marketing Messages and Channels

McDonald’s doesn’t make the best hamburgers in the world, but they do have a great bit of messaging that speaks to their target audience. It’s that message, not the hamburgers, that makes Micky D’s the number one fast food restaurant in America.

While substance is important in order to have a great message, the message itself helps establish the perception of your substance. Much to my chagrin, my kids would rather go to McDonald’s over Burger King or Wendy’s. They don’t love the food as much as the box the food comes in, and not even close to as much as that toy inside the box.

McDonald’s has the right message for my kids. But I’m the wrong audience for that message, though I’m a sucker at giving my kids a fast-food treat of their choice! So, McDonald’s has a different message for me. Primarily, it’s a message to give my kids a fast-food treat of their choice!Continue Reading

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Where to Begin with SEO? Start Here!

The Basics of SEOEngaging in proper site SEO isn’t about pulling out a checklist that you can run through in a month, check them all off and say all done! A good optimization strategy consists of a variety of moving parts. Check one issue off your task list today and two more problems show up on your radar. Good SEO is kind of like an engine: There are many working parts, any of which can (and should) be improved, repaired or replaced to boost your vehicle’s performance. The more your engine is used, the more work there is to do to keep the engine in top shape.

With that said, there are some basic components of every SEO campaign (not to mention a really big checklist) that form the foundation of a successful campaign. Anyone who’s been around SEO for any length of time already knows these “basics,” but they bear repeating for anyone who is unfamiliar as to where to begin with their SEO effort:Continue Reading

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How to Use Customer Personalities to Write Effective SEO Content

Writing Better for the WebIn my last post I discussed using personas to create content that targets your potential customer. In that post I defined the differences between personalities and personas:

Persona = motivation (what the visitor needs, why they are on your site)
Personality = temperament (how they navigate, what they need to see or read to find what they want)

Using both personalities and personas is important when writing great content that is both user- and search-engine friendly.Continue Reading

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Perception is Worth 1,001 Words

Your business practices affect people's perceptions of youIn the world of business, marketing and advertising is everything. Marketing is at least as important as the products or services you sell. Without marketing, you have no one to demonstrate the superiority of what you offer!

There is a reason people build businesses in cities surrounded by people, rather than in a desert surrounded by cactus! You need people to market to, and you need customers coming in your door. The success of your business relies on how well you market your product or service first, and second by how well you deliver it. Very few businesses survive on word of mouth alone. But what many small business owners fail to realize is that while marketing is everything, everything you do is marketing!Continue Reading

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