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How to Survive the Keyword Apocalypse

Surviving the Keyword Apocalypse: Keyword Research Post Keyword Tool, (Not Provided) and HummingbirdWhen the going gets tough, the tough get going. I’m not sure who originally said that phrase, but I thank Billy Ocean for making it memorable. It’s come in handy during this thing I like to call the Keyword Apocalypse.

Some of you have gone into depression after Google’s Hummingbird algorithm changes. But alas! You can fight back—the keyword battle isn’t over! There are still plenty of resources and ways for SEO keyword researchers to complete their tasks.

In my latest article on Search Engine Land, Keyword Research After the Keyword Tool, (Not Provided) & Hummingbird Apocalypse, I share a timeline of all of Google’s changes, why keywords still matter and, perhaps most importantly, how you can still research keywords in the midst of the apocalypse.

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Overcoming Client Expectations of Impossible Results

Overcome Expectations of Impossible Results

Navigating unrealistic client expectations can be one of the most unpleasant things a web marketer deals with in their job. Even though many marketers complain that the client “just doesn’t get it,” often the problem lies with the marketer, not the client.

When clients engage in web marketing services, they often have three types of expectations: rankings, growth and involvement. In my latest post on Search Engine Land, How to Overcome Your Client’s Expectations of Impossible Results, I take a look at these three expectations, where they originated and how to overcome them.Continue Reading

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My Big Fat Rookie SEO Mistake: 4 Ways to Avoid an SEO Disaster of Monumental Proportions

boy sitting sadlyWe’ve all made mistakes. I made a big fat rookie SEO mistake–I  allowed a client to sign a contract without fully vetting them first. I didn’t ask the right questions, and I wasn’t sure of their prospects for success. We knew what the client needed, but in this case, we forgot to fully understand what it was the client wanted and whether or not we would be able to deliver that.

In my latest blog post on Search Engine Land, you can learn from my big mistake. I cover four ways to make sure you never experience your own SEO disaster with a client. And, these tips can apply to more than just selling SEO. No matter what you’re selling, you always want to vet potential clients, manage the relationship and set proper expectations for all parties involved.Continue Reading

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Optimized SEO Pages + PPC Landing Pages = Optimized Landing Pages That Rock!

merge ideas

Merge Optimized SEO Pages and PPC Landing Pages to Create Awesome Optimized Landing Pages

One of the most common things mentioned in articles on building successful PPC campaigns is landing page optimization. And rightfully so. The quality of a landing page can have an impact on Google’s weighting of where a paid ad will show and how much each click costs. But what about landing page optimization in articles on SEO? You don’t see it very much. It’s considered stuff for ads and instead you find information on optimized pages.

Why should there be two types of pages? We really shouldn’t be thinking of them as two separate types of pages or actions being taken to a page. In my latest blog post on Search Engine Land, I take a look at how to merge these two types of pages into one optimized landing page. The optimized landing page works great for both PPC and SEO purposes and provides twice the performance.
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Discover How to Lose Wait Without Losing Conversions

stopwatchThere’s a debate over the significance of page load speed in Google’s search algorithms. However, there’s no debate over the significant impact it can have on conversions. With each passing second the visitor has to wait for the page to load, sales are being lost.
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Why a Contact Us Page Is More Important Than You Think

A Contact Us Page Is More Important Than You ThinkDecisions, decisions. Whether someone makes a purchase from your site isn’t just about product pages and shopping carts. If they have a question about a product, they need to be able to find a way to contact you easily. If they can’t, they just might decide to take their business elsewhere. And online, that’s quite simple to do with just a few clicks.

In my latest blog post on Search Engine Land, I detail why an optimized “Contact Us” page is critical to not only providing visitors with much-needed information, but can also help generate leads and ultimately sales. And in the end, isn’t that your goal? I hope you’ll find these tips useful for your site.

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How to Convert More Customers with Your Product Pages

Tips on Creating Better Converting Product PagesOne of my biggest pet peeves about shopping is the confusion that occurs when I’m looking at several similar products but am not sure which one is right for me. At a brick-and-mortar store, I can just hunt for a friendly, helpful salesperson (sometimes).

On a website, it’s not that easy. Your key salesperson is, of course, your content. However, there’s more to it than that. In my latest post on Search Engine Land11 Simple Conversion Strategies Many Product Pages Fail to Incorporate, I talk about all the subtle but critical techniques you can use to move the shopper through the buying process.

Hopefully, you’ll find these tips as helpful as that friendly salesperson (when you can find one).

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4 Things Marketers Can Learn from Keyword Research

Why do keyword research? Four major benefits to using keywords.Despite erudite analysts who claim that SEO and Elvis are dead, killing the impact of keywords on rankings is pretty tough to do. However, rankings are only part of the bigger keyword and SEO picture (which, of course, doesn’t include Elvis).

In my recent Search Engine Land column, The Keyword Researcher’s Guide To Creating Competitive & Compelling Content, I discuss four things you need to know that keyword research will help you better understand, including:

  • Customer terminology
  • Customer desires
  • Competitive keywords
  • User questions

If reading my inimitable words of wisdom gets you All Shook Up, please Don’t Be Cruel. Fast-paced web marketing often demands an It’s Now or Never mentality. In vying for keywords and customers, you should be Playing for Keeps. (Thanks, Elvis.)

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Eight Ways to Improve Your Online Checkout

Shopping cart abandonment is the bane of e-commerce sites. Fairly recent studies by Forrester and MarketingSherpa indicate shopping cart abandonment rates are higher than 50%. That can certainly add up to a great deal of lost revenue for you.

In my latest post on Search Engine Land, How To Make Your Online Checkout More User Friendly, I share eight critical things you can do to improve the shopping-cart experience on your site and, hopefully, encourage more of your site visitors to become loyal buyers. If you decide to try them, let me know how they work for you!

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Improve Your Website Navigation for Visitors and Site Performance

I’m not into hunting. That goes for the real world, as well as the online one. (My guns and crossbow are strictly for target practice and the impending zombie apocalypse). When I use a search engine, I want to find what I’m looking for the first time. When I go to a website, I expect the navigation to immediately point me in the right direction.

However, I often land on websites with navigation that’s less than intuitive at best and downright confusing at worst. If I can’t locate the information I’m seeking in a relatively short period of time, I leave. I am not going to hunt.

Why would anyone want to send their visitors away in frustration when it’s so simple to create clear, consistent navigation? To learn how to improve this critical piece on your site, check out my latest post on Search Engine Land, Six Easy Ways to Improve Your Site’s Navigation.

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