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Yeah, But… You Don’t Guarantee Your SEO

Yeah, But... It's time to bring your business up to speed

When you’re looking for a quality SEO company to work with, it’s smart to go through a vetting process for each one. One of the things people often look for is some kind of guarantee on the work being done. It makes sense. If we buy a TV, we want to know if we can return it if it’s defective. If we hire a plumber to fix our sink, we want a guarantee that the sink will work.

SEO doesn’t fall into the same kind of categories as products or services that can easily be backed up with a you’ll-get-exactly-what-you-want guarantee. We are not a product that should perform for a certain amount of time before breaking. It is not handiwork that relies solely on the skill of the person performing the task.

Yes, SEO does require a lot of skill, just like many professions do. But asking an SEO to guarantee their work is like asking a lawyer to guarantee you’ll win the case, a doctor to guarantee you’ll get well, or an advertiser to guarantee the ad campaign they created will bring in X amount of new business. Those things cannot be guaranteed because they rely on factors outside of the skill of the person performing the work.Continue Reading

“It’s All About the Visitors,” Is All But a Big Fat Freaking Lie

fingers crossed

Google talks about focusing your site only on visitors, then requires us to do things that don’t directly benefit them. [tweet]

While the SEO community is busy manipulating websites to outperform more worthy sites to rank in Google, Google has spent the last 15+ years tweaking their algorithm to prevent these dastardly manipulations from corrupting their search results.

At least that’s how some people view the work SEOs perform.

Much of the web marketing community would disagree with my opening statement, as do I, but it persists due to a lot of so-called “SEO” providers out there looking for a quick buck at the expense of their unsuspecting clients. Although that statement does seem to be what Google often thinks of our industry as a whole as well.

Google talks a lot about focusing your site on your visitors and not doing things to the site specifically for search engine rankings. Then they ask require us to do things to our website that neither benefits our visitors, nor benefits the website.Continue Reading

Ask the Pit Crew: Why Aren’t People Buying on My Site?

Ask the Pole Position Marketing Pit CrewMembers of the Pole Position Marketing pit crew answer your web marketing questions from their unique perspectives with a “bonus lap” by a guest industry pro.

Have a question you’d like answered?Ask the pit crew!

This Week’s Question:

Why aren’t people buying my stuff when they come to my site?

Stoney deGeyter’s Answer from an SEO Perspective:

Oooh, now that’s a loaded question.

Ok, let’s assume that your stuff isn’t totally craptastic and that you are, in fact, selling high quality products or services. Let’s also assume that you’re competitive on pricing, guarantees, shipping policies, etc.

So what does that leave?

Two things: 1) your site just isn’t that usable or 2) you have no real credibility. If you want to get sales, both must be improved.

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Final Lap: Good Reads for the Week Ending July 12

A Weekly Review of Web Marketing Articles

Are you a closet Trekkie that likes or belongs to one of the Star Trek dating pages or groups on Facebook? Or, do you like or belong to any group on Facebook that you might not want your friends and family to find out about? If so, you might want to read up on Facebook Graph Search which rolled out earlier this week and change your privacy settings. I wouldn’t be embarrassed about my love affair with Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica, but there are a few other things I’d like to keep to myself. :)

Here are this week’s good reads…
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Ask the Pit Crew: Why Do Crappy Sites Outrank Me?

Ask the Pole Position Marketing Pit CrewIn our new Ask the Pit Crew series, members of the Pole Position Marketing pit crew and a guest industry expert answer your web marketing questions from their unique perspectives. Have a question you’d like answered? Email it to us!

This Week’s Question: Why Do Crappy Sites Outrank Me?

Stoney deGeyter’s Answer from an SEO Perspective: 

As crappy as that site outranking you is, Google doesn’t know it’s crappy. In fact, Google thinks it’s a pretty good site. Of course, Google is not necessarily seeing the same things you are. You’re looking at how the site looks, maybe how poorly it reads. You might even be looking at some of the typical “optimization” factors that probably are not great either. But Google is looking at a lot of other things, and that “crappy” site is doing those things right.

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Yeah, But… We Do Just Fine Without SEO

Yeah, But... It's time to bring your business up to speed

Not everyone needs SEO. Sorry, Kevin, it had to be said. There are some businesses that are in small, niche industries that get enough local business that SEO will just be a burden to them. All those calls and emails coming in from the website just get in the way of taking care of customers. The customer comes first, damn it!

There are a number of mom-and-pop shops that just don’t want or need to grow. They have their regulars and, unless they die off or move away, they will always be the regulars. They have enough business to not worry about growth. It’s over-rated anyway.

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A Simple Overview of Product Listing Ads

You have an e-commerce site? Are people searching online for the products you have on your site? If you answered yes to both, there is no good reason why you are not running Product Listing Ads (PLAs) on search engines (Google now, Bing soon). The fact that PLAs can show images of the exact product a searcher is looking for with an exact title and competitive price gives them a distinct advantage over other listings in the search engines. Namely, if the searcher typed in the exact product name, these ads are serving them the exact result they’re looking for. This is exactly the purpose of search, isn’t it?


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Final Lap: Good Reads for the Week Ending May 3

A Weekly Review of Web Marketing Articles

Here in Ohio, we’ve had a nice week of sunny weather in the mid-70′s, and it’s amazing how a week of sunshine makes you feel! It’s made us feel so good, that part of the crew has made a resolution to start working off that winter weight with an afternoon plank break. I’m realizing just how out-of-shape I am! After the planks, it’s back to the desk to catch our breath and catch up on the latest happenings in the web marketing world. Here’s a sampling of what the crew has been reading this week.

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Final Lap: Good Reads for the Week Ending March 15

A Weekly Review of Web Marketing Articles

From Google’s announcement that it will close Google Reader in July—some people aren’t too happy—to nifty ways to optimize a PDF for search, we’ve read some great articles this week on analytics, SEO, link building and content marketing. Oh, and don’t be creepy when you network on social media channels.
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Redeeming Customers that Bypassed Your Search Results

First, I’ll state the obvious… You do search engine marketing because 80% of web activity starts with a search.  You know the more you can appear in front of your target audience based on the search query they perform, the more customers you will acquire (assuming your company and website do their jobs).

You also know the higher you rank for those search queries, the more you will show up, as searchers typically aren’t patient enough or don’t have the time to deep dive with search engine results.  Even if you are the best solution out there, if you don’t show up until page 10, a searcher is more likely to settle for a “good enough” solution to avoid the work of finding the best solution (hopefully that’s you).
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