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Dear Developer: Building a Website Isn’t Good Enough, It Has To Be Marketable, Too

Dear Web Developer,

Let me start off by saying that I am simply amazed at your skills and abilities. The fact that you can take what appears to be random strings of letters, numbers and other strange keyboard characters and turn them into a great looking website is, quite simply, an amazing feat. I can’t do what you do, and I’m glad there are people like you who can.

And that’s why I’m writing this letter to you. I need you. As a web marketer, I can’t do my job without you. Without you there would be no website to market, and I wouldn’t be able to market my client’s site effectively without incorporating your skills and expertise. So, thank you for being there for me.

I do need to tell you something, and I hope you understand where I’m coming from. I just want us work together to deliver the best results for our clients. The truth is, I’m frustrated.
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Yeah, But… We Don’t Want You Changing Anything on Our Site

Yeah, But... It's time to bring your business up to speed

In all the years I’ve been doing SEO, this has been one of my favorite conversations from a “Yeah, Butter.” A company came to us about our SEO services before they started designing their new site. We told them about the advantages of getting us on board right away to consult with the designers, but ultimately, they thought it would be better to bring us in after the site was completed.

Several months later they came back and were ready for us to optimize.
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Final Lap: Good Reads for the Week Ending June 28

A Weekly Review of Web Marketing Articles

The worldwide interwebs are currently awash with posts of people mourning Google Reader’s final lap. Even our own Kathy Gray got in on the talk with a post about life after Google Reader’s death. Another one of those first world problems.

Can’t we all talk about something more important like when they’re going to start working on another Stark Trek movie or bring back Battlestar Galactica? Geesh!

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Why An Authoritative Website is So Important to Your Business

In the offline world, you wouldn’t invest tons of money in a sloppy-looking, incorrect-grammar-ing, confusing, and unknowledgeable salesman that wasn’t able to serve your customers needs in the ways they wanted to be served, would you?  So, why would you do it online?  Would you like to buy something from this guy?

The truth is, your website is your digital sales rep.  It’s the go-to “person” in the online world for customers looking for your solutions.  In light of all the activities you may do online, this is your digital home.  It is THE preeminent piece of your digital existence.  Kinda makes you think a little more about what you do with it, right?!?

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Why Micro-Conversions Are So Important For Your Brand

Everybody wants the online sale.  But are you relating to your customer in ways that make it easier for them to buy?  You might be thinking, “How can it get any easier to buy from us?  All they have to do is click add to cart, fill in some boxes and hit checkout!”  Sure, it might be easy for them to physically buy from you, but how about psychologically?  How easy is it for them to make the decision that you are specifically the right choice for them?

They can go to any one of your competitors and hit a few buttons to purchase, get a quote or make a contact.  But, there’s a buying process that customers go through.  For lots of industries, they research and feel out their options before making a choice.  So, what’s going to make them eventually buy from you specifically?  Here’s a suggestion…micro-conversions.

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Blogging Platform Options: Free vs. Hosted. Which Is Right For You?

Blog Circuit BoardWhen deciding which blogging platform you’re going to use, one of the first questions you’re faced with is whether to host it yourself or go with a “free” version that is hosted on another social blogging site. In an earlier post I outlined five important blogging platform questions  that you can use to determine what kind of platform functionality you need. Within those, there are often a range of free (or low-cost) and self-hosted blogging platforms to choose from. There are advantages and disadvantages to each option, each important to understand before you jump in with both feet.

Some blogging platforms come in both free and hosted versions, so you really have to know which will benefit you the most. I’ll tackle some of the pros and cons for each one by one, to give you a broader perspective of each option and how it might impact you and your blogging abilities.

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The Complete Guide to Mastering Domain Name and URL Structure

As a web marketer, we often start working on websites after the initial development stage. It stands to reason, right? You don’t need web marketing until after the website has been built. Until then, there is nothing to market! While this may sound logical, when it comes to building a website that can be properly marketed, that process must start far earlier than website rollout. In fact, web marketing starts before you even settle on your new business name!

Without setting the proper architectural structure, and specifically, choosing a domain name and making your URLs search engine friendly, you’re setting yourself up for a whole mess of problems later on. Getting out ahead of these can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of development, not to mention the headache of fighting the search engines while making necessary changes.

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Eight Ways to Improve Your Online Checkout

Shopping cart abandonment is the bane of e-commerce sites. Fairly recent studies by Forrester and MarketingSherpa indicate shopping cart abandonment rates are higher than 50%. That can certainly add up to a great deal of lost revenue for you.

In my latest post on Search Engine Land, How To Make Your Online Checkout More User Friendly, I share eight critical things you can do to improve the shopping-cart experience on your site and, hopefully, encourage more of your site visitors to become loyal buyers. If you decide to try them, let me know how they work for you!

Improve Your Website Navigation for Visitors and Site Performance

I’m not into hunting. That goes for the real world, as well as the online one. (My guns and crossbow are strictly for target practice and the impending zombie apocalypse). When I use a search engine, I want to find what I’m looking for the first time. When I go to a website, I expect the navigation to immediately point me in the right direction.

However, I often land on websites with navigation that’s less than intuitive at best and downright confusing at worst. If I can’t locate the information I’m seeking in a relatively short period of time, I leave. I am not going to hunt.

Why would anyone want to send their visitors away in frustration when it’s so simple to create clear, consistent navigation? To learn how to improve this critical piece on your site, check out my latest post on Search Engine Land, Six Easy Ways to Improve Your Site’s Navigation.

Feed the Penguin Good PR

Google Penguin Demands Good Public Relations TacticsA penguin and an experienced public relations pro have a lot in common. They know how to stay cool. They recognize when something smells fishy. And they both play an important role in getting a website to rank. Wait, what?

All annoying figures of speech aside, Google’s Penguin algorithm updates are having a ripple affect among websites that use negative site-ranking tactics, such as unnatural link building, keyword stuffing, cloaking and content spinning. Industry professionals who know how to create “mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics” in a digital world have a distinct advantage.

In Penguin Demands Good PRmy recent guest post for, I share reasons why a skillful PR campaign that includes influencer research, relationship building, well-crafted pitches, quality content and social media support will go a long way to improving search engine rankings in a Penguin (and Panda) world.
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