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There Are Keywords You Don’t Want To Target

Eliminate Ambiguous KeywordsIf you’re of the flock that think keyword research was killed by Hummingbird, I urge you to reconsider. Researching your keywords has never been about finding keywords to cram into a page in order to rank it. It’s about finding keywords that are relevant to your audience and creating definitive content on the topic.

In the beginning stages of keyword research, it’s important to eliminate the extraneous phrases – narrowing it down to the keywords that make sense for your business and those searching for what you offer. In my latest post on Search Engine Journal, These Aren’t The Keywords You’re Looking For, I take a look at fine tuning your keywords in the research process.Continue Reading

Not Following Your SEO’s Recommendations Is Like…

Several months ago, I reached a point where I needed to move out of my rental home and start looking for a new place to live. I had specific needs and the rental house just wasn’t doing it for me. So I embarked on the all-exhausting new-home search!

For months my agent took me to house after house, from the suburbs to BFE. I felt like Goldilocks! Some houses were too small, some too far away, and others too expensive. But unlike Goldilocks, more than once I thought I found the perfect home, only to discover there was a flooding problem, or an offer had already been accepted, or the rooms were laid out wrong, or there was no place for the kids. It was close, but never “just right.”

And then it happened. The day came when I found the perfect house. Perfect in almost every way for my needs. This was the one! I made an offer, did some negotiating, and ultimately closed the deal.

Stay with me, I’m going somewhere with this…

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Always Be Reading: the Link Builder’s Mantra

Salesman live by the mantra ABC (Always Be Closing), thanks in part to the movie, Glengarry Glen Ross.

I recently read a post, Evolving Sales from ‘Always Be Closing’ to ‘Always Be Helping,’ written by Aaron Aders. In the post Aaron proposes salesman and marketers  should take the approach of being helpful in order to gain new clients, and to instill trust in existing ones. I wholeheartedly agree with his premise.

In fact, I felt the need to create a mantra for Link Builders (or whatever we’re calling it these days), because everyone needs their own mystical formula that inspires them to new levels of achievement. Right, Elves?
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