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October 2008 Search Engine Market Share | Nielsen Online

Nielsen Online October 2008 Search Engine Market Share

October: 61.2%
September: 59.7%
Change: +1.5

January 2008: 56.9%
Change: +4.3

October: 16.9%
September: 18.1%
Change: -1.2

January 2008: 19.0%
Change: -2.1

October: 11.4%
September: 11.8%
Change: -0.4

January 2008: 12.1%
Change: -0.7

October: 2.3%
September: 2.2%
Change: +0.1

January 2008: 2.4%
Change: -0.1

October: 4.3%
September: 4.1%
Change: +0.2

January 2008: 4.7%
Change: -0.4

Data scoring techniques tend to change over time making past data inaccurate. As always, information here is for entertainment purposes only.

Source: Nielsen Online

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3 Responses to October 2008 Search Engine Market Share | Nielsen Online

  1. [...] course, it’s really not Google’s fault that they run between 50-70% market share, depending on who you ask. It’s really the fault of all of us searchers. We use Google because we like the results. [...]

  2. Great data, thank you for sharing.
    I am not sure it is global data or just the USA.