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SES SJ: Landing Page Testing & Tuning

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Is it possible to learn too much information on PPC management? I don’t think so! I’m actually enjoying all of this learning… maybe I should check my temperature? Here’s some main points and ideas that were brought up in this session.

  • The act of simplifying a form / checkout page can alone drastically increase your conversion rate.
  • There is no such thing as the perfect cookie-cutter landing page. The most effective landing pages are a combination of the most targeted elements.
  • When creating landing pages, challenge yourself to think in terms of groups of people, as opposed to considering everyone at once.
  • According to one of the experts, for landing pages the top-left corner is the most important area in regard to engagement.

Maybe I’m enjoying all this learning because I actually get to apply it… unlike the case with 95% of my college courses.

Max Speed

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