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New Site Resolution for 2016

Update your website

It’s 2016, and while everyone is making New Year’s resolutions, it might be time for you to make a new site resolution.

In cyberspace, things age fast. Every year, there are new trends and technologies that effect the performance, look and feel of websites. Which means that if it’s been more than three years since you designed your current web site, you need to start thinking of the next iteration.

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Book Review: Content Chemistry by Andy Crestodina


Content Chemistry Review

The cover of Content Chemistry tells you it’s an “illustrated handbook” for content marketing. I was skeptical at first, but it didn’t take me long to appreciate the value of illustrating how content marketing and strategy works. If you’re looking for a book that shows–not just tells–you how to engage in effective content marketing, this is the one to get!

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Do You Have What It Takes to Write Epic Content?

Is Your Content Epic?

Are you blogging on a regular basis? Keeping an editorial calendar? Great! But is your content epic?

Consistency in blogging is important, but remember, quality trumps quantity every time. Even if you have to miss a deadline, it’s important that every post you publish is of the highest quality possible. Better to miss a deadline than to publish content that doesn’t hit the mark.

Even the best content can use a little help. With that said, my latest post for Search Engine Journal provides tips for creating epic content, including how to use attention-getting headlines, turning a great idea into epic content, using multi-media, and thinking outside the box.

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How Social Correlation Impacts SEO

How Social Correlation Impacts SEO


Social Media

Many businesses jump on the social media bandwagon for no other reason than because someone told them they need to be doing it. While that may be true, it’s kind of like being told you should stop at the gas station but not knowing if it’s because you need to get gas, grab a quick snack, or use the restroom!

Maybe you understand that social media helps improve your rankings. But what does that mean? How does good social media correlate to increased search engine rankings?

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Content Isn’t King Without Having Subjects

Writing Website ContentIs content still king? It depends. If your content marketing strategy lacks other elements of digital marketing, then no. For content to be effective it must be more than just taking up real estate on your website. Are people reading and engaging with it? Does it provide your audience with the information they’re looking for?

Find out in my latest post on Search Engine Journal, why, “content is communication, community is a conversation,” matters for the success of your content marketing.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Blogging Monster

woman in fear of bloggingI’ve been writing for more than 20 years now, and my finished products have run the gamut from breaking news and feature stories in newspapers, to business profiles in trade magazines and blog posts for marketing agency clients. By far, the toughest medium has been blog post writing for clients.

For many small- to medium-sized businesses, the idea of blogging is a foreign concept. You mean, I can have a conversation with my customers? Yes, you can and you should. Blog posts shouldn’t be all about you, after all. It’s about how your business can benefit the customer. Continue Reading

5 Simple Grammar Mistakes to Avoid Like a Zombie Apocalypse

grammar mistakes to avoid like a zombie apocalypseI was recently schooled on grammar—by a non-editor type at that—in a public setting, in front of other people. How could I, given what I do for a living, make such a careless mistake? What was my shameful offense you’re wondering? Apparently I said, “She could care less,” instead of “She couldn’t care less.” Oh, the horror! My response? Nobody’s perfect.

Of course, that was in everyday conversation, and I hope we all can show a little grace when people make an honest mistake. (But I’ll probably never make that mistake again!) My response should have been, “I write gooder than I speak!” Oh wait. Darn, wrong again.

So that last mistake was hopefully obvious, but it brings me to the point of this post. Even though the internet is a fast-moving place where new content is produced daily, hourly, by the minute, it doesn’t mean we should forget some common rules of grammar and spelling. If you make these grammar errors on your website, it could mean the difference between a site visitor and a converting customer. [tweet this] Continue Reading

The ABC’s of Rapidly Growing Your Online Presence

This guest post was written by Nicholas Cardot from

ABC's of Growing Your Online Presence

Imagine with me for a moment that an individual decides to create a blog on the topic of becoming a complete and utter failure at whatever you attempt in life. After a few months, or perhaps a year, this blog becomes wildly popular. This failure blog has tens of thousands of readers, hundreds of thousands in revenue, and more social media fans and followers than can be counted. Was this blog a raging success or a monumental failure for not accomplishing the very thing it set out to teach?

Although some in the world of art can get away with flinging paint at their canvas in random splotches, working toward success in the world of online business requires a bit more planning and work. Enter the three pillars, or the ABC’s, of online business: amazing content, brilliant design, and commanding influence. These principles provide a sweeping framework that will guide you as you plan and execute your online activities.
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3 Steps to Research & Define Buyer Personas

Author’s Note: Defining your buyer personas is a key step when developing your content marketing strategy. Market analyst Ashley Verrill offers three easy steps to research and define your ideal customer profiles in this guest post.

Customers today are constantly bombarded with demands for their attention, from social media to email to text messages. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for marketers to push their message through the noise. So what’s the solution? Make them come to you.

In order to do this, you need to create something your customer already wants and is actively searching for. And that something is content. In today’s article, I’m going to describe the first step in creating this customer-attracting content: researching your buyer personas.

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‘Sex with Data’ and 10 Other Intriguing Phrases Heard at Content Marketing World

True word nerds geek out when they discover scintillating phraseology. They store up fresh words and ideas, turn them over and over inSex with Data and Other Interesting Words from Content Marketing World 2012 their minds and look for an opportunity to lay them on some unsuspecting normal person who innocently engages them in cursory conversation.

(Let me here interject an apology to Ann Handley. I promise to ‘speak human’ for the rest of this post.)

If you’re an unsuspecting normal person who also relishes a good discussion on the emerging inbound marketing industry (an odd combination, I know), this is your lucky day! That’s because I am burning to share my favorite new words from last week’s Content Marketing World conference in Columbus, Ohio. Of course, these words aren’t new in the same way that “anacoluthon” may be new to some, but each concept caught my attention and got me thinking (aha!) about how I can use the information to make myself a better content marketer.
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