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How Social Correlation Impacts SEO

How Social Correlation Impacts SEO


Social Media

Many businesses jump on the social media bandwagon for no other reason than because someone told them they need to be doing it. While that may be true, it’s kind of like being told you should stop at the gas station but not knowing if it’s because you need to get gas, grab a quick snack, or use the restroom!

Maybe you understand that social media helps improve your rankings. But what does that mean? How does good social media correlate to increased search engine rankings?

Let’s take a look at a number of benefits of social media that feed directly into the ranking metrics that search engines use when ranking pages.Continue Reading

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Content Isn’t King Without Having Subjects

Writing Website ContentIs content still king? It depends. If your content marketing strategy lacks other elements of digital marketing, then no. For content to be effective it must be more than just taking up real estate on your website. Are people reading and engaging with it? Does it provide your audience with the information they’re looking for?

Find out in my latest post on Search Engine Journal, why, “content is communication, community is a conversation,” matters for the success of your content marketing.

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Getting Link Value Out of Your Social Media Efforts

How much link value does a tweet or Facebook like have? It just depends. White hat link builders know that, in most cases, high quality links take time to obtain. The same holds true in using social media to build links. Here are three things to consider.

Have Content Worthy Of Linking To

If you’ve been listening to or engaging in conversations regarding web marketing, you’ve probably heard this mentioned as often as the Pittsburgh Steelers have been to the Super Bowl: you’ve got to have great content to build links.

Having just one piece of content won’t be enough to sustain value over time. It’s vital to have a content strategy. By having a strategy, you’re able to build a following that generally consists of your target audience. If you create well-researched and well-written content around their needs, you’ll naturally build links and become a source of authority. Blogs can be a great platform for sharing content, but there are many other innovative content types.Continue Reading

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Want Conversions? Give a Little to Get a Little

Content marketing helps make salesSometimes getting conversions is like trying to capture mist in a jar or water with your fingers. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get a secure hold on them.

There are countless test you can do with your website to help increase your conversion rates. A/B and multivariate tests can help you increase your conversion rate a couple of points, which can often translate into thousands of dollars of increased profits. But in all that conversion testing, trial and error, banging your head against the wall and twisting customer’s arms until they cry “UNCLE!,” there is often one overlooked piece of information that can help you dramatically improve your conversions.

That piece of information is: information. Content, to be exact!

Continue Reading

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Content Marketing World Dénouement: Five Challenges to Chew On

Creating great content means you'll face big challengesWhen more than 600 professionals in marketing, advertising and PR get together in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame City, you know the event is going to be a smash hit! Joe Pulizzi’s Content Marketing World 2011 was all that and more. The program agenda read like a who’s who in online marketing and included industry rock stars like Sally Hogshead, David Meerman Scott, Mike Stelzner, Brian Clark, Jay Baer, Lee Odden, Ann Handley and many, many more. Even at the end of two full days of seminars, panel discussions and content how-to’s, I was still trying to catch a waterfall in a water cooler cup.

For me, the focal point of the conference (beyond curiosity about Lady Gaga’s bizarre meat dress, currently on display at the Rock Hall) can be summed up in this phrase: fascinate, compel and convert your audience using the power of story. If you want to succeed in online marketing today, content must be a foundational pillar, not some website architect’s last-minute add-on.Continue Reading

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Authenticity is Attractive, Even in Marketing

I wish I had a buck for every time my daughters have repeated a commercial “pitch” as reasoning for why we should buy the latest toy or food marketed to kids. I also wish I had a buck for every time I responded, “It’s an advertisement. Don’t believe everything they are telling you.”

I can’t help thinking, what’s wrong with THIS picture?

For the past 10 years, I’ve made my living as a marketing and PR writer, and – though I scorn pandering, hyperbole and truth twisting – I’ve had to spin some yarns from time to time. Traditionally, companies have attracted people to their product or service by hyping it. The more alluring or creative (or shocking) your advertisement, the more likely people are to notice it, for at least a second. However, the majority have clearly become jaded by and distrustful of this old approach.Continue Reading

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