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As An SEO Client You Can Push These 5 Things Off Your Worry Plate

SEO worry free zoneWhen you hire an SEO to optimize your website, you want them to be successful. Trust me, in order to retain your business, the SEO will want the same. In order to achieve success the two entities must work together. There are aspects of your business that nobody understands better than you, in the same regard there are details of your optimization campaign best left to the SEO.

In my latest post on Search Engine Journal, I share five things, you as the client, should never have to worry about.

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Final Lap: Winning Web Marketing Reads–June 2014

A Weekly Review of Web Marketing ArticlesIt’s hard to keep up on the latest thought leadership, ideas, trends and news in the web marketing industry, which is why we bring you the Final Lap. Each member of Pole Position Marketing Pit Crew, and the office alter ego, Max Speed, bring you their winning article to help your business. Topics include SEO, paid search, usability, link building, local search, content marketing, social media and other areas of marketing and business. Plus, you’ll find articles that have earned “honorable mentions” and are also worth a read. Enjoy and feel free to comment with your winning articles.Continue Reading

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Content Isn’t King Without Having Subjects

Writing Website ContentIs content still king? It depends. If your content marketing strategy lacks other elements of digital marketing, then no. For content to be effective it must be more than just taking up real estate on your website. Are people reading and engaging with it? Does it provide your audience with the information they’re looking for?

Find out in my latest post on Search Engine Journal, why, “content is communication, community is a conversation,” matters for the success of your content marketing.

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Using Social Media For Getting Leads

lead generationFact: Social media is time consuming.

If you knew you could generate solid leads for your business by using social media, would it be worth the time and financial investment? When growing your sales through social, it’s helpful to consider which channels to target as well as develop a strategy for your content, engagement and promotion that aligns with your overall marketing goals.

Effectively promoting quality content, and thoughtfully engaging with your followers and targeted influencers, is more important than being on every social platform. Pick the networks where your audience is most active and implement your strategy. For more tips on growing sales and achieving your business goals through social media, read this post I contributed to on Marketo.

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What the SEF is Your SEO Doing?

I’ve worked with a number of website designers and developers over the years, many of them good people with a plethora of skills I couldn’t even dream of having. But one thing gets under my skin: when developers claim to know SEO when they clearly don’t.

Many developers do have a solid grasp and understanding of SEO concepts and some even dig in to become tried and true SEOs as well. Those that fit this latter group are few and far between, and those from the former group know as much about managing an SEO campaign as a community organizer knows about managing a country.

Many (but not all) developers know what it means to create a search engine friendly (SEF) website. But that is not the same thing as optimizing a website for top search engine ranking performance. Think of building a website as building a car. You may have created a high-performance machine, but it’s not ready to compete in the Indy 500 when it rolls off factory assembly line!

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Is SEO a Long-Term or a Quick Fix Issue?

How fast can SEO work for my small business?Question: Is SEO a long-term process or can there be a quick fix solution?

Before all you SEOs raise your hand with the answer, lets take a minute to analyze the basis of the question for all the small business owners out there.

A lot of businesses are looking for ways to grow their companies without increasing long-term costs. They want profits, and in order to be (and remain) profitable, they have to keep expenses down to a minimum as much as possible. After all, the more you spend, the less profits you have in your pocket, right?

This is an unfortunate mindset when it comes to SEO and SEM. Instead of looking at them as an investment that will grow their businesses, owners hope that both SEO and SEM can provide quick-fix solutions that will bring an influx of new customers and soaring profits. And somehow, magically, that influx is expected to stay strong, even without any ongoing marketing efforts.

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PPC News: Ad Formats Changing Faster Than the Weather in Ohio

Google Correlate: A New Way to Research Keyword Popularity and Trends

Google has created a new tool to help you correlate search trends with any other data you might want to throw in.  It takes a look at your trending pattern and shows matching patterns.  You enter a data series and get back a list of queries whose data series follows a similar pattern.  You must remember that correlation doesn’t necessarily equal causation, but can likely find some great insights here into search strategy.Continue Reading

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Optimizing Your Online PR Strategy for Search & Social, Part 2: Goals of Online PR

Optimizing Your Online PR Strategy for Search and Social

I started this series looking at the differences between print readers and web readers. This is critical to understand before moving forward with your online public relations material. We cannot expect to reach online readers the same way we reach those that are offline. We can’t just do the old-world methods in a new-world medium.

The differences between the two readers is vast, and, without that understanding, there will be no way to hit the goals you are trying to achieve. But once you have a firm grasp on who your online audience is, and how they react, you can begin to set attainable goals for your online PR.Continue Reading

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Dynamic Keyword Research – Stay in Front of Your Competition

Google has this tool called Insights for Search.  At first glance, it looks like a pretty simple, fairly unsophisticated tool that just tells you if search volume is going up or down for a particular keyword or group of keywords.  Not many insights there, right?  I mean, all you really have to do for search engine marketing is keyword research with one of the many tools available to you out there and you can easily line up the keywords that you want to go after by search intent and volume, right?

But, here’s the problem with your keyword research.  It’s static. You get a number and you compare it to other numbers at a single point in time.  That’s great for that day, that month, or even that year.  But as you know, your industry changes.  There’s new advances, new challenges, new demands, etc.;  and part of winning is staying ahead of your competition. Continue Reading

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Can't Afford SEO? Can't Afford NOT to SEO!

One of the questions that I keep hearing from small business owners every year is this: How can a small business like me afford SEO/SEM? It’s a fair question coming from budget-conscious business owners. Not everybody can afford SEO. But, nobody can afford NOT to SEO.

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