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Ask the Pit Crew: Why Aren’t People Buying on My Site?

Ask the Pole Position Marketing Pit CrewMembers of the Pole Position Marketing pit crew answer your web marketing questions from their unique perspectives with a “bonus lap” by a guest industry pro.

Have a question you’d like answered?Ask the pit crew!

This Week’s Question:

Why aren’t people buying my stuff when they come to my site?

Stoney deGeyter’s Answer from an SEO Perspective:

Oooh, now that’s a loaded question.

Ok, let’s assume that your stuff isn’t totally craptastic and that you are, in fact, selling high quality products or services. Let’s also assume that you’re competitive on pricing, guarantees, shipping policies, etc.

So what does that leave?

Two things: 1) your site just isn’t that usable or 2) you have no real credibility. If you want to get sales, both must be improved.

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Final Lap: Great Reads for the Week Ending Sept. 13

A Weekly Review of Web Marketing ArticlesSeveral members of the PPM Pit Crew were up in Cleveland earlier this week for SEMCLE+‘s local search event with David Mihm. I bummed a ride and tried to stalk research where William Shatner was staying for his Content Marketing World appearance. I came up empty handed. I went to all of the likely downtown hotels. No one registered under Shatner or Kirk. #fail

If you didn’t get to see Shatner’s keynote at Content Marketing World, Kapost has a great post with three marketing lessons from his presentation. Even if you’re not interested in the marketing lessons (which you should be), the post also includes three fun Capt. Kirk gifs.Continue Reading

Final Lap: Great Reads for the Week Ending Sept. 6

A Weekly Review of Web Marketing ArticlesAnother week, another article in the digital marketing world mentioning Star Trek! Thanks to Orbit Media’s email yesterday, I learned there are 7,983 people on Twitter with the term “Star Trek” in their bio.  Do you know how to find them and target your sharing? Andy Crestodina, one of the founding Orbiteers, wrote a great article on Twitter targeting this week. Stoney should get to know the 31 people mentioned in the article that love zombies and SEO!

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The Difference between Good SEO and Great SEO

Designing a great looking website is good. Putting it on a strong information architecture is better.

Rolling out a newly optimized website is good. Checking it first is better.

Investing in SEO is good. Investing in ROI is better.Continue Reading

Final Lap for Week of October 17

A Weekly Review of Web Marketing Articles

It’s time again for Pole Position Marketing’s Final Lap! Check out some of the great stuff our team The Pit Crew read during the week of October 17.

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What the SEF is Your SEO Doing?

I’ve worked with a number of website designers and developers over the years, many of them good people with a plethora of skills I couldn’t even dream of having. But one thing gets under my skin: when developers claim to know SEO when they clearly don’t.

Many developers do have a solid grasp and understanding of SEO concepts and some even dig in to become tried and true SEOs as well. Those that fit this latter group are few and far between, and those from the former group know as much about managing an SEO campaign as a community organizer knows about managing a country.

Many (but not all) developers know what it means to create a search engine friendly (SEF) website. But that is not the same thing as optimizing a website for top search engine ranking performance. Think of building a website as building a car. You may have created a high-performance machine, but it’s not ready to compete in the Indy 500 when it rolls off factory assembly line!

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Is SEO a Long-Term or a Quick Fix Issue?

How fast can SEO work for my small business?Question: Is SEO a long-term process or can there be a quick fix solution?

Before all you SEOs raise your hand with the answer, lets take a minute to analyze the basis of the question for all the small business owners out there.

A lot of businesses are looking for ways to grow their companies without increasing long-term costs. They want profits, and in order to be (and remain) profitable, they have to keep expenses down to a minimum as much as possible. After all, the more you spend, the less profits you have in your pocket, right?

This is an unfortunate mindset when it comes to SEO and SEM. Instead of looking at them as an investment that will grow their businesses, owners hope that both SEO and SEM can provide quick-fix solutions that will bring an influx of new customers and soaring profits. And somehow, magically, that influx is expected to stay strong, even without any ongoing marketing efforts.

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How Much ROI Will SEO Bring? How Much You Got?

Cost is not important.Investment in SEO is worth it if you'll get ROI

Let me repeat that: Cost is not important.

What is important is ROI (Return on Investment).

When spending any money on a marketing campaign, you should consider the following:

  1. How much money you can you afford to spend?
  2. How soon will you see the return from that money?
  3. How much will that return be?

If you can spend the money (1), not go broke while you’re waiting for the return (2) and the result will be enough of a profit to make it worthwhile (3) then the cost of the campaign is not important.

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Optimizing Your Online PR Strategy for Search & Social, Part 4b: Crafting the Story p2

Optimizing Your Online PR Strategy for Search and Social

Crafting the Story, Part 2

Crafting the Story

In the last post, we started crafting our story by looking at some basic writing and optimization necessities. As we finish up this section, we’ll look more at the content itself and how you can improve it for a better searcher and reader experience.Continue Reading

Optimizing Your Online PR Strategy for Search & Social, Part 4a: Crafting the Story p1

Optimizing Your Online PR Strategy for Search and Social

When taking your public relations strategy online, there are some similarities to the “traditional” way of doing things, but there are also a lot of differences. Going online opens up a whole new world of opportunities that, if leveraged properly, can make your PR campaign far more successful than the old-school ways of doing things.

So far in this series we’ve looked at why online readers are different from offline readers, clarified the goals of online PR, and then dived into the background research needed to craft a good story. The following two posts will focus on developing your story in a way to maximize your reach through search and social.Continue Reading