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If Your Site Isn’t Broken, Should It Still Be Fixed?

Should you fix your website if it's not broken?I’m not the most mechanically inclined person. Whenever I try to fix things, they (or I) often tend to come out more broken than before. When something needs to be fixed, everyone benefits greatly when I hire a handyman. Even easy tasks are not so easy for me. (You don’t want me anywhere near a paint brush!)

We’ve all heard the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That’s me. I’m not going to try to soup up my truck, build a storage shed or install a door. In my world, if something isn’t broke, I leave it well enough alone. If something is working, I don’t touch it!

While that may be good conventional wisdom for a lot of things, it’s terrible wisdom for most aspects of online marketing. In fact, good marketing requires the opposite principle. Instead of resting on what appears to work well, we should be looking for ways to improve what is already working and make it work better than before.
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The Construction of a Search Engine Friendly Web Page

Make Your Website Friendly Before You OptimizeA while back I wrote about the need to have a search engine friendly website before worrying so much about having a search engine optimized site. I want to expand on that point here and to look at what exactly constitutes a search engine friendly Web page.

Strong URL

Many argue about the value of using keywords in the domain name and whether that will make any difference at all in the ranking algorithms. Whether it’s a lot or a little, I believe the full process of optimization is largely about doing a whole lot of “not much.” SEO is often a series of baby steps that collectively get you closer to the goal.Continue Reading

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Ways You Might Not Listen to Your Site’s Customers

Recently, I talked about measuring all the important behaviors and outcomes that happen on your site that directly affect your company’s bottom line (not just people buying stuff), and giving each of them an economic value, if applicable.  You do this so that you’ve got the data you need to get a holistic picture of how your website is doing its job and the true economic impact it’s having on your business.  Not only that, but you get to see what’s working and what’s not.  This way you make informed decisions about how to invest as your journey proceeds.

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