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Easy to Use Bookmarkletts

Bookmarklets are JavaScript applications contained within a bookmark. Appearing as be normal links, they are actually dynamic scripts, able to perform a variety of tasks, depending on the bookmarklet you use, the page you’re visiting, and even what specific text is selected on the page. bookmarklets can be saved and used as a normal browser bookmark, providing quick access to many important and useful tools.

  • To SAVE a bookmarklet simply drag it into your bookmarks folder in your browser.
  • To USE a bookmarklet, just click bookmarked link for the page you want it to run.

SEO Bookmarklets

  • Bitly – Shorten URL via Bitly URL shortener.
  • Clear Cookies – Clears the cookies for the current page
  • Disable CSS – View page without CSS, reapply CSS by clicking again
  • Edit Page – Allows you to edit the current page
  • Google: CACHE – Shows the Google cache for the current page
  • Google Site:Search – Shows pages indexed by Google
  • HTTP Header Check – Displays the page’s header information.
  • Highlight headings – Shows all H1-H6 headings on the current page
  • Highlight NoFollow – Highlights all links with “nofollow” attribute
  • Hootlett – Socialize page from Hootsuite.
  • Hyperlink – Generate a link for the current page instantly.
  • int/ext links – Colors internal links red, external blue, in-page links orange
  • Linkfromdomain – View outbound links from site
  • MSN Link Forward – See all sites this domain links to.
  • MSN Outbound Links – View outbound links from site
  • Page Headers – shows all headers on the current page
  • Robots.txt – Displays the Robots.txt file for the active site
  • SEO – Allows you to see tile, meta description and other one-page SEO elements.
  • Technorati – Real-time search for user-generated media (including weblogs) by tag or keyword. Also provides popularity indexes
  • TinyURL – URL shortener via TinyURL.
  • Validate W3C CSS – Validates code of linked or imported style sheets
  • Validate HTML – checks the markup validity of the current web page
  • W3C Broken Link Checker – Checks for broken links on the site.
  • WayBack Machine – Shows cached view of the current page at various points in time
  • WhoIs – Provides domain name registration information – registrant information, DNS, and expiration dates from DomainTools