Velocitize your web marketing

Ongoing Campaign Strategy Research

Research is the basis of all our SEO campaigns. Solid research coupled with skilled implementation creates long-term marketing success. If keyword research is the foundation for an effective optimization strategy, then optimization research is the architect that builds upon that foundation thereby creating a successful campaign. Our professional SEO specialists live and breath search engines, algorithms and marketing strategies.

We undergo complete and comprehensive research of your website, industry competitors, top ranked competitors, search engine algorithmic industry trends and more. It’s more than just researching your site, your competition or your industry, its about digging deep and analyzing each and every aspect of your future campaign that may possibly effect your sites performance on the search engines.

Issues That Can Hinder Effective Optimization

  • Website does not contain original, unique content.
    Many sites owners build their sites utilizing content found from other, more authoritative, sources. While this can make it easier to build your site, it can also cause duplicate content penalties from the search engines.
  • Product descriptions pulled from manufacturer templates.
    Similar to the unique content issue above, utilizing product descriptions provided by manufacturers can make putting together your database easier, many other sites are undoubtedly using the exact same content. To search engines, this does nothing to separate your site for the masses, which can be a rankings killer.
  • Website designed from template that is copied across the web.
    Having a site built from a template is not, in itself, problematic, however many of the software packages that provide these templates also provide interfaces that limit access to some of the more important optimization elements. Workarounds for this can be implemented, however its best to know up front the limitations faced.
  • Owns multiple sites targeting same audience.
    Several years ago it was common practice for a site owner to develop multiple sites in order to “dominate” the top search rankings. This method no longer works and is subject to severe spamming penalties.
  • Owns multiple URLs redirecting to main site.
    This can be a great strategy to bring in “type-in” traffic–those who search by typing in a url directly. However, if not implemented properly, these URLs can be indexed by the search engines as a different, yet duplicate, site causing potential penalties to incur.
  • Owns similar sites on same C Block.
    This is another issue that may not be a big deal but it’s good to know up front. Proper research will determine whether this will cause problems in the future.