Velocitize your web marketing

Timed Addition of Competitive Phrases

Optimization for any long-term campaign must remain fluid and be able to constantly adapt in order to succeed in reaching long-term goals. Many businesses come to us wanting to get immediate results with some very competitive keyword phrases. While most SEO firms shy away from anything more difficult than getting a top ranking for “aunt betty’s cookie recipe” our optimization team eagerly takes on the challenge.

While we don’t think any keyword is too difficult to take on, we want to make sure our clients are aware of the challenge ahead, specifically in regards to the time involved. One solution we provide is what we call keyword phase-in. We begin optimizing your pages for these difficult terms right away, but we also go after some less competitive phrases that will bring in targeted traffic more immediately. Going after these “long tail” keywords creates a foundation in which the more competitive phrases can perform with time.

How We Go After Competitive Keywords

  1. In the keyword research phase we work with you to find the most productive keyword phrases for your industry. As with any optimization campaign, we first look at the estimated number of searches being performed in a 24-hour period, and then determine if each phrase is targeted enough to bring in the desired visitors. This is important because highly searched terms that are not targeted for your audience will not bring in traffic that produces sales. We want to make sure you are investing your money to target the right audience.
  2. Once the priority terms are selected we then look at the nature of your competition. Understanding your competition can make or break your optimization campaign. All too often we run across sites that want to rank well on highly-targeted phrases that would appear to be easy achievers, only to find out that the nature of the competition makes ranking those phrases extremely difficult. We must understand the competition before we can overcome the competition!
  3. If your priority terms are determined to be in a highly competitive market competing against large authoritative sites, we then begin looking for a secondary batch of terms which can be targeted to begin building your site’s authoritative status. These keyword phrases will usually contain one or more additional words and often focus on your geographic and/or local region.
  4. Once these terms are selected we then build an overall game plan to rank these secondary terms into top search engine positions, then slowly over time begin to phase-in the more highly competitive priority terms, allowing each phrase to rank well across multiple search engines before phasing in the next competitive phrase.

The phase-in process can be a matter of months or years, depending on your industry, number of competitive phrases being targeted, and the competition forces that must be overcome. This is a long-term game plan to put your site at the top of the search engines for the keywords that matter most.

As part of our commitment to you, our client, and dedication to providing the highest-quality and best-performing service possible, we do not charge any additional fees for this service. Its all about providing you the service you expect!