Velocitize your web marketing

Landing Page Optimization

PPC landing pages should be designed very differently from other site pages. On your main site, you need to provide for all of the reasons that a visitor would come to your site in a way that makes many different navigational paths easy and accessible. But, the PPC visitor has very different needs. They typically need to know very quickly that they are in the right place to find the specific information, product or service they’re looking for or they’re likely to hit the back button. This is because the PPC visitor typically is on a hunt for something specific that they want satisfied quickly and easily. Since you only get a few seconds to persuade the PPC visitor to continue interacting with your conversion process, it’s very important that you answer the questions going on in the searcher’s mind with just enough information to make them want to complete your call-to-action. If you don’t succeed at this, they may be gone forever.

At Pole Position, we know how to create PPC landing pages that create customers for you. We understand how to match search intent with landing pages that deliver what searchers are looking for in a way that compels them to convert; leading to business growth for you.

Design & Testing

With more than 1,100 factors affecting a site’s ability to close, experimentation and testing is essential to improving site performance and return on investment. When it comes to your site design, the only opinions that count are your prospects’. The truth is that you’ll never build a better site than the one they can build for you. With landing page testing, you allow your visitors to “tell” you what they want. Then, you can deliver it for them and watch your business grow.

At Pole Position, we understand how to evaluate and test website landing pages to build a persuasive system that results in loyal customers for your business.