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Social Network Advertising

The rise of social networking has brought a new and effective way to reach targeted customers for your business. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have leveraged their popularity on the web by partnering with businesses to offer targeted ads to prospects who interact on their platforms. The amount of information they have about each participant has allowed them to create advertising opportunities that can target very specific characteristics, interests and topics in ways like never before. This sophistication has created an avenue for businesses to get ahead of their competition by staying on the cutting edge of ways to reach target prospects.

Social Network Advertising Platforms


Facebook has become the top social network advertising platform to reach your targeted customers with ad messages. With the ability to hyper-target prospects according to demographics, interests and other characteristics, Facebook gives businesses an advertising channel that is highly relevant to what they offer as well as highly accountable to every advertising dollar spent. For example, if you’re an extreme sports clothing store and you’re having an upcoming sidewalk sale, you could target Facebook users in Canton, OH who are between the ages of 35-70 and ride a motorcycle and show them some of the items you’ll have on deep discount. Targeted exposure doesn’t get much better than that.


Twitter’s “Promoted Tweets” allows businesses to target relevant users with tweets or re-tweets as ads that are placed contextually in relevant Twitter streams. Businesses are charged on an engagement basis. If a Twitter user clicks on a link, favorites, re-tweets, or replies to a sponsored tweet, it counts as an engagement. This new advertising platform allows businesses to move into a relevant advertising space that not many competitors, if any, are using in their industry. This channel is a very viable solution to increasing the exposure of your brand, as well as your products and services.


As the world’s largest online video community, YouTube provides a very large and effective space for your business advertising investment. YouTube places video advertisements contextually within highly relevant video content, exposing your business, products and services to highly targeted audiences using the web. This exposure will lead to increased brand awareness, traffic and conversions for your business.

At Pole Position, we stay on top of what’s new in the world of PPC, and this includes social network advertising. We’ll use advanced PPC management tactics to get the most out of your advertising investment and use social networks to build long-term business growth for you.