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SEO and Website Architecture Audit

Issues that you can't see on your website could be killing its performance. Get an SEO Audit find and fix critical SEO and architecture problems.

Find Hidden Issues Hampering Your Site's Performance

The problems you can’t see on your website are likely the ones that are causing the most damage to your online performance. An SEO and Website Architecture Audit will reveal those problems and give you the specific steps you need to follow to stop performance-killing issues in their tracks.

  • Are technical issues making your site invisible to search engines?
  • Is slow website speed irritating visitors and impeding your search engine rankings?
  • Do you have broken links and internal linking issues that are impacting your performance?
  • Have you implemented proper on-page keyword optimization, including page titles, meta descriptions, heading tags, image tags and more?
  • Are duplicate content issues causing you to lose valuable “link juice”?

What the SEO & architecture audit covers


Website Accessibility

Site Speed


Site Architecture

On-Page Optimization


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“Pole Position Marketing helped us identify and fix key issues that we didn’t even know existed, helping us provide a better overall experience for our visitors. ” –Sue, Places for Kids

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