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7 Web Design Principles Designers Need to Know

Everyone wants an easy and smart process of everything. As time is very valuable for us and we have to do many things in a fixed time. 

So, a well-structured website is like a blessing for us.

It’s okay to say a blessing but designing a website is not an easy deal. Even a web browser doesn’t take much time to scan a website. In this short time, a website must have to grab the attention of the user.

So, I have listed down 7 web design trends that will surely help you to create a good website.

  1. Keep your website simple and Give white space:

Simplicity is the best. A simple and clear website always attracts its users. It also helps the user to navigate one page to another easily. It loads quickly, this is a plus point. Make sure that the content of the website is simply understandable by the users.

It’s okay to put on many features on the website for the sake of necessity. For a designer its easy to arrange all the necessary information in a simple way. 

Try to keep your design as simple as possible. So that your users can feel relaxed to see and to use.

On the other hand, the proper use of white space makes the website clean along with simplicity. It’s not blank space rather its an important element of web designing. Its space between graphics, metrics, columns and so on.

It’s like a clean visual treat of information, typography, image or colors. Anyone would love to have a clean and comfortable visual treat.

  1. Consistency:

Think about yourself as a normal web browser. Now you have entered a website and found that you have to maintain different navigations for each page. 

Will you visit or leave?

Image Source: Tes.com

By putting too many options on the website might seem positive but it’s difficult for visitors or customers to get the right decision. 

There is no limit on the best! 

YES. it’s true. The ultimate answer is ‘leave’. No one will spend much time on this type of website as there are so many options.

Maintain the consistency of the website. Set an easy navigation process. Focus on fonts, sizes, headings, buttons, and subheadings. These all must be the same throughout the website.

So, users can have easy directions about how to and can move from one page to another without trouble.

By reading this paragraph you are feeling good. Isn’t it? When the designer follows this principle then some users will definitely feel cool.

  1. Typography and Readability:

Digital marketing is a reliable field for today’s business. So, let’s move with the trend.

Do you think your design is cool?

If YES, then it’s good.

Image Source: Ionos.com

Now think, are you having quality traffic through the website?

If you are negative. Then make it SEO friendly as soon as possible.

For this, create visually appealing typography with the tricky use of keywords, keyword-based heading, and other SEO related elements

For this tricky use, readability will increase in its own way.

  1. Mobile-Friendly:

We love to hear positive things in everything. YES, mobile-friendliness not only sounds good but also effective for your website. It’ll skyrocket your traffic, get you a higher ranking, and improve your site visibility.

If the website supports all screen sizes, then this a very well-structured website. 

According to the famous magazine ‘Forbes’, smartphone users daily visit many websites. Even Mr. Google gives more value to smartphone users. 

It’s important to be effective for all the screens. You may know about quality traffic but you don’t know about their devices. So, your website must be fit for anyone.

  1. Communication and Visual Hierarchy (Evolution):

Communication is the main purpose of the website. If the website is able to provide effective information then communication will be more clear. 

It’s important to focus on the visitor’s visiting time. To grab this effortless communication, the website must have to be organized by the right information along with suitable headings and subheadings. It’s better to use bullet points rather than long gusty sentences.

For visual evolution, look at this picture….

Image Source: Cloud.Netlifyusercontent.com

Without knowing anything about the picture you will be able to rank it. This is visual hierarchy or visual evolution. 

One website has many menus.

But the menus like forms, call to action are very important and can be effective by making it attractive. Many shopping websites used to use customized visual hierarchy. 

Look at this picture to be more clear-

Image Source: CDN.Newsapi.com.

When you will visit this website to buy cookware then this type of picture are able to give you product information along with how to buy it. There is also an option for home delivery. So that you can easily have this.

This is the priceless principle of any website.

  1. Colour palette and imagery:

Color choosing is another important issue. A web designer should be careful about the combination of color and context.

Make sure that the chosen color palette could create a pleasing atmosphere for the visitors. The use of too deep color can create an annoying condition. And the use of too light color that is not easily readable also creates an annoying condition.

For the customized website it is better to highlight the important buttons like – ‘Buy now, Get this offer, click on the link, Add to cart’. So that visitors can easily buy products or access the link for further information.

Yeah, we are done with the color palette principal. Now it’s time for ‘imagery”

If you use pictures then the website will be more authentic and beautiful. With the right sense of the picture, the selection will make your website more appealing.

Here, ‘Rule of thirds’ is important. It gives a clean artistic view of a picture. For a website, it gives a really cool vibe. 

  1. Hick’s Law:

Hick’s law says that If you have more options to choose from then taking a decision requires a long time.

Digital marketing is the platform where the customer gets countless options for any choice.

If you want to sell a huge number of products then add a good filter. This will help them to take the right decision in a short time.

To create or re-create or re-design a website is not an easy deal.

It takes a lot of time, It takes a designer’s off day or can cancel a designer’s wedding date.

As a designer, you have to be careful about web designing principles. A successful not only serves the business purpose rather its a place of satisfaction a designer and visitor.

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