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April 2009 Search Engine Market Share | Nielsen Online

Nielsen Online April2009 Search Engine Market Share

April: 64.0%
March: 64.2%
Change: -0.2

January 2009: 62.8%
Change: +1.2

April: 16.3%
March: 15.8%
Change: +0.5

January 2009: 16.2%
Change: +0.1

April: 9.9%
March: 10.3%
Change: -0.4

January 2009: 11.2%
Change: -1.3

April: 2.1%
March: 2.1%
Change: 0.0

January 2009: 1.9%
Change: +0.2

April: 3.7%
March: 3.7%
Change: 0.0

January 2009: 4.0%
Change: -0.3

Data scoring techniques tend to change over time making past data inaccurate. As always, information here is for entertainment purposes only.

Source: Nielsen Online

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9 Responses to April 2009 Search Engine Market Share | Nielsen Online

  1. tradeshows says:

    Google is simply leading and it’s performance is simply superb it’s search engine is great….

  2. Single Maria says:

    Thanks for the post. I can say you made a great work. Google is the first, it doesnt surprise. He is in this position for a long timw already. the rotation is quite big. Yahoo never can catch up google, I think.

  3. What about the amazing up and comer Bing…

    Just joking, those are interesting stats. I don’t foresee Google getting taken over any time – they are so innovative…

  4. TG says:

    Thanks, I’ll look for it in a couple of weeks. The trending chart is really helpful which is why I look for you to post it every month.

  5. Sweet Dawn says:

    Making a blog should be relevant, interesting, entertaining and has a relevant content so that your readers will enjoy what they read and in return you will get a good feedback from your readers.

  6. Free Atlast says:

    With Yahoo tapping into Bing for it’s search results, are we going to see these numbers reported in a different way, such as combining Yahoo and MSN? Thanks!