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PPC Final Lap for Week of October 1

A Weekly Review of Web Marketing Articles

AdWords Changes

AdWords Introduces Ability To Share Budgets Across Campaigns

“The idea is that a marketer may have a set daily budget to spend across multiple product lines, or channels, and this feature lets them dynamically reallocate that budget if one campaign falls short on volume, for example… While some users responded positively to the new feature, others weren’t as enthusiastic. Marketers like Matthew Umbro, director of paid search at Exclusive Concepts, is concerned that, when the feature is used, one campaign will monopolize the others…”

Changes to Google AdWords Coupons

“All coupons for $100 of free AdWords advertising on new accounts (no more than 14 days old) are about to become useless… Beginning today (September 25, 2012), you’ll be able to offer your clients advertising credit after they spend their first $25 on AdWords… To qualify for the introductory offer your client must spend $25 in AdWords advertising within 31 days of entering the promotional code…”

Google to Proactively Police Ad Sitelinks for Duplicate Landing Pages

“Starting this week, any new sitelinks that are added or changed will be checked to ensure they comply with the policy. In the next few months, Google will be going back through all sitelinks for currently running campaigns to check for duplicates…”

Google Launches Remarketing in Search Beta

“Google has recently announced a beta program called Remarketing in Search, which aims to take the benefits of remarketing and leverage them within the SERP environment. The idea is simple: create remarketing lists as you do with display, but leverage this customer knowledge to impact your messaging and bidding strategy within your SEM campaigns to improve performance… By applying your knowledge of what the user has been looking for, you can likely increase your CTR and drive visits, while increasing your quality score… Just like you can increase your CPCs on keywords that convert better to maximize potential, now you increase your CPCs on known customers to maximize potential.”

Bing Ads Changes

New Feature: Introducing Keyword Suggestions in Bing Ads

“You will now be able to apply suggested keywords customized for you, based on the ads and keywords you’re already using… We now provide you with exact match keyword suggestions that we think are relevant to your campaigns and will help your ads serve more often…”

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