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PPC Final Lap for Week of October 15

A Weekly Review of Web Marketing Articles

AdWords Changes

AdWords Remarketing: New Targeting Option Called ‘Similar Audiences

“By adding ‘similar audiences’ to your ad group, you can show your ads to people whose browsing patterns are similar to the browsing patterns of your existing site visitors… AdWords looks at browsing activity on Display Network sites over the last 30 days and uses this, along with our contextual engine, to understand what defines a remarketing audience. Based on this information, AdWords finds a significantly larger audience of new users beyond your remarketing list that has similar browsing patterns to your existing audience…”

Impression-share reporting changes coming soon

“In early November, AdWords impression share (IS) reporting will get some improvements to give you better insights, including new columns and hour of day segmentation. Along with these improvements, we’re also announcing some changes in the availability of certain historical IS data… Up until February 2013, data will continue updating in the existing IS columns. Once the existing IS columns and data are retired, you’ll only have access to the new IS columns.”

An update on ad rotation options

“…We’ve decided to provide the option for ads to ‘rotate indefinitely’ in the AdWords web interface anyway… If you select ‘rotate indefinitely’ option for your campaign, we will show lower-performing ads about as often as higher-performing ads… If you previously requested to opt-out of the ad rotation changes, we will change campaigns in your account that are set to ‘rotate evenly’ to ‘rotate indefinitely’ near the end of October. For all new campaigns where you want ads to rotate indefinitely, you should select the option directly in AdWords and not rely on the opt-out submitted earlier via the form.”

Make better decisions in AdWords with your Google Analytics data

After setting up AdWords to import your Google Analytics data, you’ll have access to Bounce Rate, Pages Per Visit, and Average Visit Duration columns directly in the AdWords interface… You can make better informed decisions and improve your AdWords ROI.

Google’s New Tag Manager

Digital marketing made (much) easier: Introducing Google Tag Manager

“…Many modern marketing tools—like web analytics, conversion tracking, remarketing, and more—depend on adding ‘tags’ to your website… Too many tags can make sites slow and clunky; incorrectly applied tags can distort your measurement; and it can be time-consuming for the IT department or webmaster team to add new tags—leading to lost time, lost data, and lost conversions… Google Tag Manager is a free tool that consolidates your website tags with a single snippet of code and lets you manage everything from a web interface…”

Facebook Advertising

Facebook’s New Custom Audiences

Now, with Facebook Custom Audiences, you now can upload your customer email list (or a list of phone numbers or Facebook User ID’s) for Facebook to hash the data against its users to find matches… The other beautiful thing about Custom Audiences is that not only do you have a new, custom audience that you’ve created from your own customer data, but you can layer on any of the other Facebook Advertising targeting options on top of it…”

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