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KEYNOTE: Finding Educational & Growth Opportunities in the Unlikeliest of Places May 19 | Dayton, Ohio

Education doesn’t stop at the textbook. In fact, it rarely even starts there. The best education is in life experiences. But you have to learn how to recognize them when you see them. There is a lesson in everything, and we’ll explore how you can grow from the most unlikely of places.

How to Deliver the Right Content to the Right Audience at the Right Time June 9 | Kent, Ohio

You may have the best, most authoritative content, but it isn’t going to mean a thing if it’s not what the searcher was looking for. You need to dig deeper into your keyword research and make sure that, while being authoritative, the content also matches the searcher intent.This session will show you, step-by-step, how to do that.

SEO + UX = Love June 9 | Kent, Ohio

SEO is no longer just SEO. In order for SEO to be effective, ALL elements of a company’s web presence must be strong. User experience optimization (UXO) is particularly vital to SEO because it places the focus on the same thing that is important to search engines: The visitors. Learn specific tactics to improve both user experience and search engine performance.

Workshop: Build a Powerful Web Presence with Content, Social Media, and User Experience Strategies September 4 | Cleveland, Ohio

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