Praise for The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period!

“Stoney’s Web Marketing Checklist should be by the side of every web marketer regardless of their level of experience. If this doesn’t save you lots of time and make you tons of money I don’t know what will. If you haven’t bought the book yet, what are you waiting for?”

Jeffrey Eisenberg Author of New York Times Bestsellers Call to Action & Waiting for Your Cat to Bark —-

“Checklists on steroids! Stoney’s Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period! is going to be attached to you from the first page and follow you around wherever you go until your online business dreams come true. I have always been a checklist and cheat sheet fanatic. There never seem to be enough of them, and they are always spread out in various places. Stoney compiled and organized 36 checklists, with more than 675 action points, along with example, and he explains the reasoning behind each recommendation. Not only do you get the checklists with descriptive information, but you can download a quickie cheat sheet to apply to a number of websites. Everybody will want this book.”

Kim Krause Berg Usability and User Experience Analyst, Internet Marketing Ninjas; Founder and Administrator, Cre8asiteforums —-

“If you ever feel confused about today’s complex marketing landscape, you’re not alone. Even an experienced online publisher like me sometimes feels overwhelmed. The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period! cuts through the complexity and demystifies online marketing, breaking it down into achievable steps. Stoney is the real deal and communicates in everyday language. You’ll learn exactly what steps you need to take to create a Class A online presence that attracts customers and contributes to your bottom line.”

Anita Campbell Founder, CEO and Publisher of Small Business Trends —-

“OMG! Stoney’s checklist just saved me from having to read at least 10 different web marketing books. Not only did he summarize the most important items to focus on, he tells you why. I don’t have to take notes and I can just benchmark against his checklist. This is an invaluable time saver as well as informative on best practices that your website cannot live without if you want to compete online today.”

Shirley Tan Author of Ecom Hell and Ecommerce Consultant —-

“I’m impressed! I’m a fan of checklists to make sure that nothing is forgotten in creating and setting up sites and marketing campaigns, and this book has you covered. From domain selection to site structure to marketing campaigns, these checklists will make sure you don’t miss any crucial steps in your search for digital success. Thank you, Stoney, for creating these lists; they are indispensable.”

Brad Geddes Founder of Certified Knowledge and Author of Advanced Google AdWords —-

“There’s a wealth of solid, actionable advice in Stoney’s Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period!, and it’s expressed in clear, concise nuggets that are easy to understand and follow. It’s a fast, easy way for online marketers of every discipline to make sure they’re adhering to the best practices—and learn some insider tips and tricks along the way. Stoney’s created a master reference work that belongs on every web marketer’s shelf!”

David Szetela Owner and CEO of FMB Media —-

“Stoney has covered everything necessary for creating a powerful web presence online. It’s definitely a daunting task to create a web presence from scratch, but The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period! tells you everything you need to know, from infrastructure issues to mobile to social marketing and then some. An excellent resource.”

Tamar Weinberg Digital Marketing Strategist and Author of The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web —-

“SEO, PPC, CSS, URLs and CTAs—the acronyms alone that are thrown around in web marketing can be confusing. How do you put it all together and make it work for your site? Enter Stoney’s checklist, your new best friend. This is your handy reference guide to building your web presence the right way, all in one convenient guide.”

Barry Schwartz News Editor at Search Engine Land and CEO of RustyBrick —-

“Stoney lays out everything you need to rank your website online and gives action plans for it all. If you’re looking for strategy to building your business online, pay detailed attention to The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period!”

John Rampton Managing Editor at Search Engine Journal —-

“For years now I have been reading Stoney’s articles and blog posts online. Not only do I enjoy his writing style, I have always been able to learn something new from his experience and expertise. So when he decided to expand his original 2007 marketing checklist into a concise book format, I was thrilled. Within the pages of this book is a wealth of information covering just about every aspect of online and digital marketing, all penned from one of the industry’s leading experts. With its easy-to-digest checklist style format, every online marketer worth their salt will want to not only own this book, but keep it handy when developing and implementing marketing campaigns. It is written in such a way that both the layman and advanced person will greatly benefit from the knowledge within.”

David Wallace Co-Founder and CEO of SearchRank —-

“Understanding SEO is a mystery to many; however, it is of the utmost importance to all businesses. If you are on Page 2 of Google, you’re essentially invisible. Stoney’s book shows you step-by-step everything you need to do to ensure you dominate the search results and show up on Page 1.”

Melonie Dodaro Social Media Speaker and Author at Top Dog Social Media —-

“As a link builder, the Links & Buttons Checklist is truly invaluable for anyone who seeks to create a great user experience through hyperlinks. I love the format of the entire piece, as it breaks each to-do item down and uses simple language that’s perfect for the novice or expert marketer. The entire book should serve as a comprehensive resource for anyone marketing online today.”

Julie Joyce Owner and Director of Operations at Link Fish Media —-

“This book will prove to be a must-have resource for marketers and web developers alike. It’s the most comprehensive checklist I’ve seen to date. No site audit should be performed without it.”

Annie Cushing Blogger at —-

“Incredibly comprehensive, A to Z guideline for creating a new—or revamping an existing—web property. Stoney’s checklists cover all the bases, from architecture and design to content optimization, providing easy-to-understand definitions and examples. A terrific primer for anyone new to the field, and a great reminder of best practices for more seasoned digital marketers.”

Michelle Robbins Vice President, Technology at Third Door Media, Inc. —-

“I wish this book had been on my bookshelf many times over the last 10 years. What Stoney has done is take his vast experience in internet marketing and compiled a book of cheat sheets that provide the reader a roadmap to building a web presence, optimizing it, and strategically promoting it. This is a must have for any digital marketing strategist.”

Patrick Schaber Senior Director of Marketing at Intertech —-

“I’ve always been a fan of checklists. It’s rare to find an online marketing book both simple and comprehensive. By his use of checklists, Stoney makes a complex set of knowledge very approachable. This is a must for any serious online marketer’s bookshelf. The individual checklists form a great foundation for aspiring marketers to learn and understand the technical and human factors of online marketing.”

Will Scott CEO of Search Influence —-

“I’ve known Stoney for years now, and have always been a big fan of his checklists. This is one book that will have a permanent spot on my desk, as I’ll always refer to it when performing SEO audits of websites.”

Bill Hartzer Senior SEO Strategist at Globe Runner —-

“Ask anyone here at Vertical Measures, I’ve been pushing for checklists to help run our business from the first day we started. But it’s not always easy; you’re too busy to stop and create them, things change, etc. But now Stoney is laying them right in our laps. There is a checklist for everything web marketing in this book. And not just checklists, but nice explanations for each one. I know our company will use this, and I bet yours can too!”

Arnie Kuenn CEO of Vertical Measures and Author of Accelerate! —-

“This checklist is really handy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as comprehensive as this. And then I thought: Why not!? Checklists are the way all complex projects are delivered effectively. Stoney has always been a trusted and respected leader in the digital marketing world, and his list is comprehensive and accurate. You can take his suggestions to the bank. If you have a website, you need this checklist.”

Sage Lewis Author of Link Building Is Dead. Long Live Link Building! —-

“Finding a genuinely comprehensive online marketing list is extremely rare. Finding one that is also accurate, current and yet actionable for a non-geek website owner is truly a unique experience. Stoney writes with the kind of insight and topical breadth that comes only from experience gained doing the work over many years. This is a collection of earned wisdom, not the empty theory that often dominates the online marketing world. Every business owner should keep a copy of this checklist on hand for their own benefit, and to help in qualifying potential vendors.”

Ryan Freeman President of Strider Search Marketing —-

“With The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period!, Stoney has delivered a thorough, well-researched, and insightful exploration of the latest web marketing principles and techniques in a practical and enjoyable book that pushes the boundaries of the art and science of successful website marketing. Filled with helpful checklists and actionable procedures, Stoney’s book is an invaluable resource that ought to be required reading for anyone serious about web marketing.”

Brett Tabke Founder and CEO of Pubcon —-

“The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period! is a comprehensive and actionable analysis of a successful website design, web development, usability and SEO, summarized in an easy-to-understand checklist. It’s all you need to build a solid foundation for an impressive online presence for your business. Use this roadmap to build a brand new website or evaluate and improve an existing one. The book is packed with actionable tips—not just best practices, but advice aimed at success.”

Lyena Solomon Online Search Specialist —-

“Stoney’s Web Marketing Checklist has to be the most comprehensive list of internet marketing items I have seen anyone put together. I plan on fully integrating his checklist into my proposals and strategies. It lives up to its name of The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period!”

Scott Polk Founder of ObsidianEdge —-

“There are three key reasons why Stoney deGeyter’s book is The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period! First, his 35 checklists will help you to avoid the pitfalls. Second, his 675+ action points tell you how to seize the opportunities. Third, his book is only 200+ pages long, so you can make $1,000s in increased sales and still get back home by six o’clock.”

Greg Jarboe President of SEO-PR and Author of YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day