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About Us Page Checklist Infographic

Give Visitors A Final Push Towards Conversion

Studies have proven that visitors who have visited a site’s about us page are more likely to convert than those that don’t. This can signify that those who visit your about us page are already more engaged and looking for that final piece of confidence to pull the trigger. But it can also be a strong indicator that your about us page can have a significant impact on influencing your visitors toward the final conversion, whatever that is for you.

Your about us page should help visitors “get to know” you and your company—provided, of course, you have the right information in place. The entire conversion process is about giving potential customers the assurances they need to go ahead and purchase your product or service. Your about us page must provide many of those assurances.

Because this page is designed to help your visitors learn more about you, your about us page should provide the information that achieves this goal. Sparsely populated about us pages don’t really give the visitor what they want and are therefore more apt to cause the visitor to leave feeling less, rather than more, inclined to do business with you.

The more information you provide on your about us page, broken into skimmable and scannable chunks, the better informed your visitors will be, having learned what kind of company you are and what you can do for them. The better the feelings that your about us page is able to elicit from the visitor, the more likely you are to gain them as a customer.

This checklist provides information regarding content, placement, and usability factors that are necessary to deliver what visitors expect to find when they visit this page. These check points will help you create a better about us page that will help your visitors assess your company’s ability to meet their needs and instill confidence in doing business with you.

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