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Get Higher-Ups to See the Value of Your Online Efforts

It doesn’t need to be said that the higher-ups mostly care about getting more of what they want to happen to actually happen. If you can show that it is happening and that giving you more money will make it happen more, then you’ll most likely get more money to make it happen more. Getting the budget you need can seem like rocket science, but it’s really not. If may not be easy, but it is simple.

Quantifying Your Website’s True Impact on Your Business

People that own companies or those in companies that make decisions on how to use a web marketing budget are shown, whether it’s their fault or not, too much website data that doesn’t directly relate to an impact on the bottom line. What’s wrong with this? Only looking at visits and pageviews gives an incomplete story of how a site is truly performing for its customers and the company. So when it’s time to decide how to invest, there’s nothing concrete that gives confidence in where to put money. To combat this problem, there needs to be a fundamental mindset shift to focusing on outcomes.

Don’t Waste Time Looking at Web Data Until You Do This – Part 2

We’ve talked about what makes a good metric to look at for your business. But, you have to be careful here. There is soooo much data wrapped up in what seems at times like an endless amount of possible metrics that if you are not careful, you will catch yourself wasting your time lost at sea with no idea as to how to get back home where you belong. By “home,” I mean those critical metrics that will measure what needs to change at this specific point in time for your online efforts to improve.

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