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Keeping an Eye on Google

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Keeping an Eye on Google

Chris Sherman wrote this interesting article about a new report out providing an in-depth look at how users interact with Google search results. It is a very interesting study, explaining […]

4 Tips for Indexing

Anik Singal provides 4 tips for search engine indexing because you can’t worry about rankings until you get indexed… “The biggest problem that most are running into seems to do […]

New SEO Tools!

A new website called Optimization Central has just launched and is looking for SEM professionals to test their new optimization tools. TheHostingNews.com says that; “The site was created by web […]

The Gossip Train

Apparently AskJeeves is going to launch an AdWords-type advertising campaign on August 1st. Check out this little article about it. “The new advertising format is rumored to be similar to […]

Getting to Know Google

Dali Singh talks about his long-term “friendship” with Google and what he has learned from it in his article, “Getting To Know Google” . In it, he explains some of […]

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