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What Our Web Marketing Clients Are Saying

We could tell you how valuable our internet marketing services are, how much ROI you’ll get in return from a few simple consulting calls, how many rankings we’ve improved through our site analysis and action reports, or how many new sales our clients have gotten due to our SEO services. Or we could let you read it for yourself, straight from our client’s mouths. Below you’ll find some honest to goodness client testimonials. As you can see, our clients like us!

Pole Position Marketing Client Testimonials


Our company has used Pole Position Marketing, and we are VERY pleased with our results. The people there are great, knowledgeable, and just plain good people!

— Mike Kappel, Patriot Software


The time we spent consulting with PPM really opened our eyes to the power of online marketing and it provided us with a basic understanding of what we needed to make the most of it. Our organic traffic is on the rise, and we have a much clearer picture of how to proceed in our marketing efforts in the future.

— James Nisly, Genevieve Nisly Photography


I wanted to take minute to express my appreciation for Kevin Nisly and the folks at Pole Position Marketing. We chose Pole Position Marketing out of a long list of seemingly capable companies to handle our SEO needs. Kevin (sales) and Stoney (CEO) presented to us and from the beginning, we could tell that they we’re taking personal responsibility for the success of our campaign. This was a refreshing difference to the “online” and impersonal options that were on the table for us.

Kevin is still personally involved in making sure we’re satisfied. I am more than happy with the results and would absolutely hire them again if time travel were an option.

— Adam Smrdel, Carey Color Inc


Over the past seven years, Pole Position Marketing has been instrumental in bringing Sierra’s lead generation and online marketing to a new level. Their SEO expertise is always on point, keeping up with the latest search trends, and has consistently placed Sierra in the top 5 search results in Google.  PPM also manages our PPC campaigns which are highly targeted and refined, giving us very strong leads and conversion rates. What’s even more important than our excellent results is the terrific team at PPM. All the team members at PPM are domain experts, very proactive, take initiative, and always give us just the right advice to push our results to the next level.  The team is a pleasure to work with.

— Erica Giannini, Sierra Instruments has been with Pole Position for 10+ years, and we have been extremely satisfied with the results that they have been able to consistently provide for us over the years. Pole Position has been able to get us to the top of the search results in all the areas that we choose to focus on, and working with the team there has been a pleasure. If you are considering replacing your current SEO company, or are new to the whole idea of paying for results, we highly recommend them for the job.

— Jeremy Fear,


We hired Stoney at Pole Position Marketing to inform our SEO efforts. We found his expertise was comprehensive, his communication skills were excellent, and he was highly ethical. He provided solutions specific to our situation and was very willing to explain the rationale behind his recommendations. Refreshingly, if there was something he didn’t know, he said so. He is highly detail oriented and customer focused. If you work with Stoney you’ll experience high availability, fast responses, communication in the forms you need and great expectation setting.

— Greg Sundberg, StylishHome


I would like to thank Stoney for his outstanding knowledge of the SEO best practices and willingness to share it with us, commoners! Stoney’s insights have helped us develop clear SEO strategy and set important milestones for our project. We are looking forward to working with Stoney on many exciting projects!

— Andrew M., Vancouver, BC Canada


Specialty Pet Product Website Growth Stats

Within 7 months of bringing on the Pole Position Marketing team, this well-established specialty pet product website was seeing +80% increase over the previous year.

specialty pet product trends


More Web Marketing Client Testimonials


I searched for a company online to help us with SEO, and decided to pursue Pole positioning since they appeared high on the search results. I figured that their top positioning in my search results proved they were practicing and implementing their competencies.

Our one hour consultation call was highly informative and led me to introduce Pole Positioning to our advertising agency in order for them to collaborate in achieving top results. Both myself and the agency found them to be knowledgeable and very much trustworthy.

— Henry Geddes, UMT International


I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for all of your support this weekend. Getting information from people like yourself is invaluable for people like me, who are just starting out. I feel I have a pretty good understanding of a lot of the aspects involving ECommerce, I am just struggling to find the right products to sell. Thanks again for your help and I look forward to attending another one of your seminars/webinars in the near future.

— Dennis Grieco (webinar attendee)


After only 7 months with Pole Position Marketing and a very modest budget we almost tripled the number of hits on our website and have had just over a 100% increase in our sales. Stoney and his crew are very helpful and professional. Thank you guys for everything.

— Chris A., River & Rock Adventures


Pole Position Web has been our SEO company for [many] years and has been doing a great job. We have many phrases that are number one on Google and many of the major search engines. ROI is definitely there.

— Steve F., Up North Sports


Plastic Card Manufacturer Growth Stats

A long-time client of Pole Position Marketing, this plastic cards manufacturer continues to see not only sustained growth in organic search visitors, but a paralleled growth in quality and relevant visitors. As visits to the site have grown, engagement on the site has grown as well. In one year this site increased organic visits from search engines by over +60%.

Plastic Card Manufacturer Trends


More Web Marketing Client Testimonials


We’ve been working with Pole Position Marketing for several months and have been surprised at how much easier it is to just work with one company when it comes to our web site. In just a few weeks our rankings were pushing upward on several search engines. Pole Position has impressed us with their diligence, accessibility, and courteous staff. We would recommend them to any business.

— Pam B., Reno Integrative


The VP of [top SEO firm] called me about a month ago to tell me that she had done a webposition on our site and was amazed at how much better the site was doing on the search engines. When I told her that indeed it had improved greatly since I went with Pole Position Marketing she said “Oh, you’re not with us anymore? Well congratulations on the site improvement.” (Click!) They use to use me as a reference and I have been recommending your company to the people [that] have called.

— Michael L., ARS-Inc


When our website,, mysteriously and suddenly dropped off the Google radar screen late last year our business dropped by about 30%. Previously we had been #1 or #2 on page one and enjoyed a steady flow of inquiries both by phone and email. This was a harsh lesson in the importance of Google ranking compared to Yahoo and MSN where we remained strong.

Our webmaster at the time, a good and trusted friend, was baffled. He’d carefully crafted our site and SEO campaign over the years to strengthen our ranking. A painful decision was made to find another SEO company. Much to his credit, our friend guided us to Pole Position Marketing. It was the smartest move we could have done.

Over the next several months, the people at PPM seemed like a combination of forensic investigators and Columbo, the TV detective. We followed their guidance and recommendations assiduously and literally put the fate of our website and our business in their hands. Months went by as they streamlined our code, had us make changes on our pages and worked their magic. We anxiously watched for some change in our placement on Google. Business was still sluggish even though we’d launched a Pay-Per-Click campaign, as per PPM’s recommendation.

Then it all changed! One morning I typed in one of the main search categories for Google and there we were back on page one. It had been six or seven months, and lots of reassuring emails from Stoney, but it all paid off. The phone is ringing again and email inquiries are back up to pre-crisis levels.

I highly recommend PPM for helping with new websites and, as was our case, bailing out and cleaning up an existing site. PPM handled our problem promptly and professionally with the best results we could possibly have hoped for.

— Curtis, Rainbow Weddings


Thank you very much for all your hard work. We are on the 1st page in Google. This is great!

— Eugene, ASP One


On Google you put us at #1. Congratulations on a job well done. Please keep up the brilliant work!

— Steve, Mototime


We’ve been working with Pole Position Marketing for several years now and we have yet to be disappointed. Pole Position has provided us with strong search engine rankings and excellent customer service. We’ll continue to use Pole Position Marketing for all of our Internet Marketing needs!

— Rob Avery, DealerTrend


High-Tech Company Growth Stats

This client is in a fast-growing, highly competitive high-tech industry. In the first 18 months of working with Pole Position Marketing, they grew in organic search acquisition by over +130%.

High-Tech Company Stats


More Web Marketing Client Testimonials


Nice Job! In 4 months we went from zero to hero. Now we are #1 on Google. Keep doing what you’re doing!

— Strud, Polar Bear Coolers


You helped me obtain our 5 year plan in just 13 months. We could never have done this without your help!!!

— Paul, Penny Farthing Inn


Thanks to everyone (or both of you, depending on how many fake names Stoney is generating) for your good work on my account. If only there were some sort of monthly compensation I could make available to you for all your hard work… Oh wait one minute… Never mind. Seriously though… thanks everybody!

— Keith Barany Entertainment


Pole Position has met and far exceeded my expected results. Their knowledge of Internet marketing, responsiveness, performance and cost effectiveness have made this skeptical client a firm believer.

— Tim Leister, Baby Best Buy


The team at Pole Position has been great, making our web changes a breeze, and our site stays on top of all the major search engines. I would recommend this team for any type of Web Maintenance…! Thanks Stoney and team.

— Jack W., Pro Mailing Equip.


Winter Ski Clothing Website Growth Stats

Upon launching their seasonal ski clothing business in early fall, Pole Position Marketing has helped them to achieve significant growth in organic search acquisition. Within 4 months, they were beating expectations in organic search traffic to their site surpassing their first season goals. By the following season, year-over-year numbers had increased as much as +40% in some months.

Ski Clothing Site Stats


More Web Marketing Client Testimonials


After 7 years and a lot of wasted money, I finally found a company who can get the job done. My company has had a website for years, but who cares, because no one could find it. You could even type in our company name and it was no where to be found. When I asked a potential client, “Where did you hear about us?” I NEVER heard, “I found you on the web.”

My previous webmaster, who I found to be 100% unreliable in all of his dealings, gave me an outrageous quote for doing search engine optimization. In calling around, searching for an answer, I found Stoney at Pole Position Marketing and for the first time, I found someone who talked with me, not at me and over my head.

Stoney and the whole team at Pole Position Marketing are always available. They take time to explain things to you, if you want to know. They are incredibly patient, reliable and their rates are reasonable. They know what they’re doing. We’re climbing up in the ranks week by week. Now potential clients actually say, “I found you on the web.” Thanks Pole Position Marketing!

— Frank S., DC Mentors


Prior to working with PPM our website was ranked on the 10th page of Google with the search terms we desired. Now it is on page one and we have noticed an increase in traffic and calls as a result. Thanks for everything.

— Rick S., Synux Technologies


We signed up with Pole Position to be our SEO 3 years ago when we barely had any traffic to our web site and our business was in trouble. Pole Position stepped in and did their magic. Within a few months, we were ranking high on the major search engines. The amount of inquiries that came in were astounding.

Our business picked up to a momentum where we had to turn clients away and recommend other wedding companies to them. We made the best business investment we could ever make by hiring Pole Position to be our SEO.

— KatRama B., Rainbow Wed.


Stoney, I’ve been reading your posts here for almost a year I think….and I’m still very impressed and wanted to say so publicly. I’m an SEO practitioner up here in Canada, and while Canada itself is definitely behind the curve for just about all SEO factors (i.e. behind the US I mean) what I’ve read in your posts is both ‘futuristic’ and spot-on! Congrats on a great series too, your SEO 101 is very much appreciated too! I send my clients your URLs for them to read up on why we do certain SEO tactics, and you explain very very well! Thanks Stoney, and I can’t wait for more posts!

— Jim Rudnick, Canuck SEO