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Block Level Link Analysis

Google Instant Indexing?

Recently I happened upon an article which suggested that Google was implementing an instant indexing and PageRank calculation system which would be powered by an army of constantly roaming enhanced […]

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Marketing Resources

I discovered an interesting and useful marketing resource MarketingProfs.com. This site is geared towards providing a broad range of tools and information for marketing professionals. The site also contains an […]

Search Marketer Resources

A fairly comprehensive resource guide that I stumbled upon called “Killer Tips and Tools for Search Marketers”, is a catalogue of internet resources dealing with various aspects of Internet Marketing. […]

SEO Testing?

Here is an interesting business concept for SEO. SEO Testing. $99/year allows you to submit SEO concepts for testing purposes to see if they work. With so many variables to […]

Search Engine Reverse Engineering

I have begun Research on the I.R. Reverse Engineering Project, which will attempt to identify the technologies and methodologies employed by major Search Engines in regards to the way that […]

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