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Site Search Analytics – Pattern Analysis to Improve Your Site

Your site search data, the phrases your website users type into your internal site search engine, is data that is swimming with insights into helping to make satisfied customers with your web site. If you are someone that is responsible for the performance of a site, this is most likely information that you’ve never looked at and may have not even known existed. But, you’re going to want to become familiar with it because it’s about the best place you can go online to learn what your users want. Read the first post in this series for why.

Site Search Analytics: What Your Customers Want…In Their Own Words

When people come to your site, it can be really hard to know why they are there. The truth is the average conversion rate on e-commerce sites is only around 2-3%…and that’s on sites that are specifically built to sell stuff. So, what happens to the other 97%? Why were they there? Did they find what they were looking for? If not, why not? Is the content they are looking for even on your site? If so, are they able to find it easily?