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The Dirty Little Secret of Conversions: It's About Relationships

Dynamic Keyword Research – Stay in Front of Your Competition

Google has this tool called Insights for Search. At first glance, it looks like a pretty simple, fairly unsophisticated tool that just tells you if search volume is going up or down for a particular keyword or group of keywords. Not many insights there, right? I mean, all you really have to do for search engine marketing is keyword research with one of the many tools available to you out there and you can easily line up the keywords that you want to go after by search intent and volume, right?

Web Analytics – The ROI of "Why?"

Possibly the biggest mistake you can make when analyzing your own web data or reporting other people’s data to them is stopping at what happened. Here’s an example….

“Search Engine traffic rose 20% in the last 3 months.”

Sweet. So, let’s everybody meet at Outback for an awesome blossom with some extra awesome, right? Not so fast my friend. Let’s add a little context to that little observation we made above.

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