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Content Writing Checklist Infographic

Write Content That Informs and Sells

Your website’s content is an essential part of your business’s persuasion process. The content on the site should interest the reader, draw them in and help them navigate through the conversion process.

Without content, you’re left with a site that has to sell through images alone. Images are valuable, but they cannot provide everything the visitor needs. Through your site content, you can appeal to both the emotional and logical centers of the brain, making the case for your business, and your products or services. Content informs, clarifies and, most importantly, sells.

Yet there is more to content than just adding descriptive words to a page. The content has to meet the needs of the audience, and those needs are vast. Some visitors read, some scan, some investigate and others skip it completely. Some visitors require technical data, others require emotional appeals, others require benefits and still others need factual proof. Your content must be crafted for each type of visitor and deliver a seamless experience for all.

Ultimately, your content is usually your first, and sometimes last, point of contact you have with a visitor. It must be as helpful as any salesperson. Good content is the salesperson visitors don’t even know they want, and does a job that no salesperson can do: Sell without leaving your visitors feeling sold.