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Home Page Checklist Infographic

Offer a "Big Picture" View of Your Website

Your site’s home page is one of the single most visited pages of your site (not counting blog posts) and, in many cases, the first page a visitor will see. For many sites, the home page can get the highest number of entrances over any other page.

Whether a visitor lands on your home page first or navigates to it from an internal page, they are there expecting to get a global view of what you offer. Many searchers will land on an internal page most relevant to their needs but move to the home page to get a sense of who you are and what you are all about.

Your home page should give the “big picture” view of your company and what you do. It should also act as the doorway to more information about you, your products or services, and how you are able to meet the visitor’s needs. It should act as something of a sneak-peak at what the visitors will see once they click further into the site.

Organize your home page wisely. Don’t try to present everything; instead, use it as a portal that helps the visitor quickly get to the information that is most relevant to their needs.

This list covers a few quick points, each specifically relevant to your website’s home page. These points tell you how to create a home page that presents your offerings and is able to push visitors to the information they need, quickly.

home page checklist infographic

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