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Login & Account Page Checklist

Improve the Login Experience for Your Members

This list is concerned with how your visitors log in to your site or access account information you have saved. This is not exclusive of ecommerce sites. If your site incorporates a registration option or provides options for visitors to log in to access certain information, this checklist is for you!

login page checklist

Why Login & Account Pages Are Important

Do you have a members’-only area of your site? Or do you require visitors to create accounts in order to enjoy the full benefits of what you offer? If so, it’s important that those visitors can log in easily and quickly.

However, that’s only the first hurdle. Once they’re logged in to your system, visitors need to be able to edit their profile and personal information easily. Sites that make editing personal information a chore are apt to lose members of their community.

Perhaps even more importantly, visitors with login accounts need to know that their private information is secure. They must maintain the ability to edit or remove any personal information as needed. Without these assurances, your visitors may feel that their data is, or may be, used improperly or perhaps isn’t as secure as it should be.

Use the action points above to create a more seamless process for improving your login and account pages.