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Thank You Page Checklist Infographic

Create Long-Term Relationships with Your Thank You Pages

Thank you pages are not exclusively for ecommerce sites. They’re relevant to any site that has a submission form, and/or offers an online download to visitors.

We all know that it costs more time and money to get a new customer/lead than it does to keep an existing one. That means that what you do after the form is submitted (to complete an order, contact you, download a PDF, etc.) is even more valuable than what happened before they got to that point.

A poorly crafted thank you page tells your visitors nothing more than that their form submission went through. However, if you take the time to create a thoughtful and focused thank you page, you’re telling your visitors how valuable they are to your business. Rather than ending the relationship with the customer once the sale is complete, you’re prepping them for the next interaction — which is hopefully taking the step toward a future conversion.

In effect, you’re using a thank you page to begin earning future business from this “old” customer. It’s not just about saying “thanks,” but about providing value back to your visitor and showing appreciation for their feedback, download or purchase. Keep them hooked on your site, and you keep a customer; keep them engaged after they’ve taken a form action, and you keep a customer for life.

The points in this list will ensure the end of the initial transaction isn’t the end of the conversion, but the beginning of the next one.